Oracle Integration Brings Dynamic FlockDirect® Rates to OTM

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Jul 25, 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce our latest integration with Oracle® Transportation Management (OTM), which saves users of the popular transportation management platform hours of workflow inefficiencies and thousands in shipping costs.By allowing Flock and Oracle’s platforms to communicate in near real-time via an API connection, this OTM integration will enable you to:

  • instantly access our efficient, cost-effective FlockDirect® rates directly in Oracle’s native platform
  • tender orders without visiting multiple platforms, manually calling or emailing, or waiting to hear back on a quote
  • gain improved, holistic visibility over your operation

With faster and easier quoting without leaving OTM’s interface and no wait time, you gain a competitive edge by tapping into Flock’s efficient, cost-saving, and sustainable shared truckload (STL) shipping for your midsize freight needs.

What is Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)?

OTM is a comprehensive TMS software designed to help effectively manage freight logistics. With a wide range of capabilities, the highly configurable and scalable TMS helps shipping operations of all sizes:

  • streamline workflows
  • optimize service levels
  • reduce costs
  • improve overall supply chain efficiency

Key features & benefits of the Flock Freight & Oracle integration.

By streamlining your workflows and lowering your shipping costs, this OTM integration provides you more optionality – all while making it nearly effortless to reduce your environmental impact.

Access spot rates specific to your freight size instantly.

Prior to this OTM integration, you were limited to booking inefficient, traditional less-than-truckload (LTL), volume less-than-truckload (VLTL), partial less-than-truckload (PTL), and full truckload (TL) options for your 4-20 standard size pallet freights in the Oracle platform.Now, you can secure better rates faster by instantly quoting and booking our cost-effective FlockDirect® offering, which is optimized for midsize shipments, directly within OTM.While it’s obviously always beneficial to secure the lowest possible rates, these next few months of 2023 are the perfect time to secure low spot rates before they start rising significantly come 2024.

Gain a competitive advantage.

With direct access to our guaranteed terminal-free FlockDirect®, you gain better control and flexibility over your operation.By filling the empty spaces on trucks with multiple shippers’ freight then sending it all together on the most efficient, hubless route – shipping via STL lowers your costs while delivering more on time and damage-free than traditional methods.Additionally, by avoiding terminals and linear foot caps, opting for FlockDirect® instead of other traditional methods for your midsize pallet freight prevents you from:

Enhance efficiency and visibility.

You’ll also experience greater efficiency with this Oracle integration. Consolidating the requesting and receiving of spot rate quotes into one interface minimizes your workflow disruptions – saving you significant time by preventing the need to:

  • visit multiple providers’ sites
  • share shipment information multiple times due to disconnected systems
  • manually request – and wait to hear back about – FlockDirect® spot rates

Plus, seeing all rates and orders in one place offers you improved, holistic visibility over your entire shipping operation.

Effortlessly increase sustainability efforts.

This OTM integration makes it nearly effortless for you to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and meet your sustainability goals.That’s because every time you pool your freight with shared truckload (STL), you reduce your CO2e emissions by up to 40%.How? Sharing space on a truck that moves on the utmost efficient route:

  • maximizes trailer usage – minimizing unnecessary burning of CO2e
  • reduces fuel waste by sending freight on direct paths and preventing wasteful idling at terminals
  • limits product waste by avoiding transloading-related damage

How to integrate OTM with Flock.

Connecting your OTM with Flock is simple – requiring just a few easy steps:

  1. Connect: You share your technical contact, and we'll reach out to gather requirements.
  2. Setup: We’ll work with your contact to establish connection, authentication, and rating API configuration.
  3. Validate: Together with your contact, we’ll test API connection and functionality.
  4. Launch: The integration goes live, and you can start requesting and booking FlockDirect® directly in Oracle.

Want a little more detail on how the Oracle integration works? Take a look at our step-by-step OTM integration guide.Don’t ship with Flock yet? Stop overpaying and book a demo today.*Oracle, Java, MySQL, and NetSuite are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.