What is FlockDirect®?

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Jun 14, 2023
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Don’t sacrifice service for savings. Get the benefits of truckload without LTL’s inefficiencies when you ship any size freight terminal-free with FlockDirect®.FlockDirect® efficiently pools your freight with other shippers’ goods, and moves it all on direct routes that avoid terminals – so you:

  • deliver faster and with less damage than traditional LTL
  • pay up to 20% less than full truckload
  • slash CO2e (carbon-equivalent) emissions by up to 40%

FlockDirect® and Shared Truckload.

Think of it this way: FlockDirect® is the service offering and Shared Truckload (STL) is the primary freight mode.While you can move any size shipment terminal-free via FlockDirect®, one of its unique attributes is that it’s ideal for 4-20 standard size (48”x40”) pallet freight — a.k.a freight that doesn't fill an entire truck on its own. That’s because when your shipment can’t fill a trailer by itself, FlockDirect® uses its patented technology to combine it with other shippers' freight into one efficient, cost-effective Shared Truckload. How does this one-of-a-kind STL technology work? Utilizing machine learning, it smartly matches locations, schedules, and compatible shipments to find the best options for pooling freight amongst billions of possible combinations.

But whether or not your freight is pooled via STL, FlockDirect® moves your shipment on direct routes that avoid slow, damage-prone terminals — so your goods always ship quickly and safely in a single truck, driven by a single driver, all the way to their destination.

The benefits of FlockDirect®.

By sharing space on direct, terminal-free routes, with FlockDirect®, your goods move with more reliability, higher cost savings, and fewer emissions than traditional shipping options. When you ship FlockDirect®, you get the added benefits of:

  • 99.8% damage-free shipping
  • full control over pickup and delivery dates
  • transparent, active tracking
  • no surprise fees after delivery — saving you thousands of dollars

Plus, FlockDirect® is not only better for your bottom line, it’s better for the planet, too. FlockDirect® reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40% compared to traditional shipping methods by:

  • eliminating wasted fuel and unnecessary trips by optimizing trailer space
  • streamlining operations and routes
  • avoiding carbon-intensive and energy-consuming LTL terminals
  • drastically reducing the amount of goods needed to be remanufactured and reshipped due to damage at LTL facilities

How to know when FlockDirect® works for you.

Skip the hassle of choosing between inflexible modes with specific requirements. Whether you traditionally book less-than-truckload (LTL), partial truckload (PTL), volume less-than-truckload (VLTL), or truckload shipments, FlockDirect® offers you a more reliable, cost-effective shipping option. While FlockDirect® is ideal for 4-20 standard-size pallet freight, you should consider booking FlockDirect® if your shipment is:

  • fragile or high-value and at high risk of damage moving through the hub-and-spoke network
  • bulky or has abnormal dimensions, such as furniture or large equipment
  • turnable or stackable
  • subject to strict pickup and delivery appointments
  • too big for LTL, but too small to fill a full truck
  • needs to move fast, with minimal delays

For LTL shipments.

FlockDirect® is perfect for time-sensitive or fragile LTL shipments. When you book FlockDirect® for your LTL freight, you receive truckload-quality service on terminal-free routes that bypass the common inefficiencies plaguing traditional LTL shipping — ensuring you’ll meet strict deadlines with minimal damage.

For PTL/VTL shipments.

When it comes to 6-14 standard size pallet shipments, you may have felt stuck choosing to book partials or volume-LTL — and the irregular pricing, service, and availability that comes with it. With FlockDirect®, our algorithms match your shipment with other compatible shipments in real time, so your goods aren’t waiting days or weeks for another load going the same direction. By shipping your freight fast and damage-free, you hit strict deadlines and eliminate extra costs associated with replacing damaged goods.

For truckload shipments.

In 2022, nearly half of truckloads shipped partially empty, wreaking havoc on budgets and the environment. With FlockDirect®, you can finally stop wasting money paying for a truckload you can’t fill — without having to sacrifice truckload-quality service. Cut costs by up to 20% by only paying for the space you use while delivering fast and 99.8% damage-free and lowering your carbon footprint.

FlockDirect®: the new way to ship.

Ready for truckload-quality service – without the price tag? Experience the FlockDirect® difference for yourself. Book a personalized demo or get a quote today.