Unrivaled optionality for bulky & fragile midsize freight.

Ship on time and damage-free with Flock, your midsize freight experts specializing in building materials and industrial machinery shipping.

Stacked pipes

Challenges of shipping in this space.

  • Shrinking linear foot caps leave you with limited and undesirable mode options.
  • Linear foot caps forcing 45% of shippers to move costly, partially empty TLs to deliver on time.
  • High risk of damage — averaging $4,503 per LTL claim in 2022.
  • Limited access to additional capacity during peak holiday season.

Flock’s unrivaled solutions.

  • Easily ship 10-44 linear feet with shared truckload — the only LTL-alternative without linear foot caps.
  • Deliver on time by moving midsize freight on demand without waiting to fill an entire truck.
  • Only pay for the space you use by sharing truck space with other shippers.
  • Save $100,000s on claims with terminal-free routes that avoid costly damage.

    *We currently don’t ship flatbed or open deck freight.

Building materials shippers, who use FlockDirect® can see up to...


Cost savings compared to truckload

Don’t get stuck booking TL for LTL-sized loads. Only pay for the space you need – without sacrificing speed.


More on time than LTL

Meet strict appointments with ease by moving your goods faster along optimized, terminal-free routes.


Damage free shipments

Eliminate transloading with safer, hubless routes that prevent damage to goods — and damage to profit.
“We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect®. Wish we could’ve started sooner.”
Eric Wollasten

Titan Supply Group Traffic Manager