Freight Insurance

All you need to know about our insurance options.

What is a Carrier’s Limitation of Liability?

As a standard practice in the freight industry, shipments are covered up to the carrier’s limitation of liability in the event of damage or loss. This limited liability varies depending on the shipment mode and commodity type (often categorized by a Freight Class), whether or not the shipment is new or used, how the shipment is packaged, and many other factors. Also, regardless of the limited liability amount, carriers are not liable for cargo loss or damage that is caused by an act of God, an act of war or of the public enemy, the authority of law, the act or omission of the Shipper or owner, or due to the inherent vice of the goods shipped.

The standard liability limitations for carriers in Flock Freight’s network are as follows:

(a) truckload shipment:  $100,000 per trailer;

(b) shared truckload shipment: $100,000 in the aggregate per trailer, except that liability to each shipper will be prorated based on the linear feet of the trailer or container utilized by the shipper;

(c) less-than-truckload or “LTL” shipment: the limit per pound for the applicable freight class set forth in the carrier’s tariff, but in any case not to exceed $25.00 per pound of lost or damaged cargo up to $100,000 per trailer; and

(d) for shipments containing household goods: $0.60 per pound of goods lost or damaged, up to a maximum of $100,000 per truckload. 

‍The carrier’s limited liability amount may not cover the entire manufacturer’s value of your shipment. For this reason, some shippers and consignees may choose to purchase Excess Insurance to protect their shipments beyond the standard amounts covered by carriers.

To Waive Excess Insurance:

If your shipment is already insured and/or the Limitation of Liability satisfies your insurance requirements, select “No” to waive additional insurance.

To Select Excess Insurance:

If you require additional freight insurance, you have the option to purchase Excess Insurance to protect up to the full manufacturer’s value of your shipment. Select “Yes” for “additional insurance” / Excess Insurance and enter the manufacturer’s value that needs to be insured when requesting your quote.

Any insurance arranged by Flock Freight on your behalf is Excess Insurance only. “Excess Insurance” means insurance that only covers the portion of a cargo loss/damage claim that exceeds the carrier’s standard limit of liability. Excess Insurance does not cover any portion of a cargo loss or damage claim below the limited liability amounts. Excess Insurance also does not cover any claim where the carrier is not legally liable for the loss or damage.

The Excess Insurance is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. A full copy of the policy will be provided upon request. Requests must be sent to

Flock Freight is not an insurance company and does not act as Customer’s insurance broker or agent. Customer is responsible for all insurance premiums and for Flock Freight’s charges to arrange for insurance.