Freight tracking

Scenario 1

I have an account, but don't know how to track my shipments.

Log in and track

Log in

Log into the Flock Platform. If you don't have a log in, see Scenario 2 below.

Go to "Active Shipments"

Find the shipment you want to track in Active Shipments. There's a link in the navigation and a list of your active shipments on the homepage.

Follow your shipment

Follow your shipment from the time you confirmed your order to its delivery at its final destination.
Scenario 2

My company ships with Flock, but I don't have a log in.



Inform someone in your organization that you know has access to the Flock platform that you'd like to be added as a user.


Direct that person to this page for instructions on how to invite you to the platform.

Log in and track

Once the invite is initiated, you will receive an email. Follow the instructions to set up your password and log in. Once logged in, go to Active Shipments to see all of your company's active shipments.
Scenario 3

I need to give my receivers the ability to track inbound freight.


When booking a shipment in the Flock platform, simply enter in your Receiver’s email address.


Once your shipment is picked up, an email notification will be sent to your Receiver.


Upon opening the notification email, your receiver can navigate to the receiver tracking page by clicking the View and Track Shipment button.


Your receiver will have limited, read-only access to the Shipment Details and Tracking information.

If you missed this step when you ordered, don't worry. You can alway click the "Share tracking" button in the upper right of your shipment tracking page and you will be given a link to share with anyone who needs it.

Tracking glossary


Estimated Delivery.

Estimated delivery of your freight shipment based on scheduled pick up date and distance to final destination. This is not a guaranteed delivery date, just the best estimate based on standard transit time.


You confirmed your order and agreed Flock Freight will move your shipment.


A Carrier agreed to move your shipment and dispatched a truck to your pickup location.

Picked Up.

Your shipment was successfully picked up from the designated pickup location.

In Transit.

Indicates the city and state of the last known location, allowing you to see the progress of your shipment from pickup to delivery location.


The carrier has reached the final destination and your shipment was successfully unloaded.