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Tech-driven freight shipping for any load size.

Book the best mode for your load in minutes—for up to 20% less cost.

Ship more with shared truckload.

Flock Freight’s FlockDirect® shared truckload optimizes routes, so you can ship more while paying less. Optimized, multi-stop loads save you time and money.

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Deliver on-time 30% more often.

Exceed customer expectations with FlockDirect by scheduling exact pickup and drop-off times to deliver faster than standard LTL.

Ship 99.8% damage-free.

Shared truckload utilizes optimized, terminal-free routes that see 5.7x less damage than LTL.

Cut costs by 20%.

If it’s not full, it’s not full price. Ship shared truckload for lower rates, higher reliability, and better service than TL.

Our advanced freight shipping solutions.

Explore what makes shipping with Flock Freight different than any other provider.

Cut carbon emissions

Cut carbon emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint with Flock Freight. Reducing empty truck space and removing terminal stops slashes greenhouse gas emissions by 15-40%.

Pool freight to ship faster

Scale your business by eliminating the hassles of hub and spoke. Using shared truckload, our patented technology optimally pools your freight at scale.

Easy-to-use platform

Our platform lets you quickly book shipments, track your freight, and contact our support team all from one easy-to-navigate portal.

Seamlessly integrate your system

Conveniently connect your transportation management system (TMS) via API or EDI integrations.

Track shipments in real time

Enhance your STL freight’s visibility with instant pickup and delivery time change notifications—sent right to your inbox.

Receive dedicated support

Your dedicated Flock Freight representative has your back and is ready to provide prompt support when you need it most.

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What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping refers to the transportation of goods or cargo in bulk using various modes such as trucks, trains, ships, or planes. It involves the movement of large quantities of items from one location to another for commercial purposes.

How long does freight shipping take?

The duration of freight shipping depends on several factors like distance, mode of transport, customs clearance, and delivery speed chosen. It can range from a few days for domestic shipments to several weeks for international deliveries.

How does freight shipping work?

Freight shipping involves the packaging, booking, transportation, tracking, and delivery of products. Shippers prepare the goods, hire a carrier, and the carrier transports the cargo using the chosen mode of transport to the final destination, following industry regulations and logistics processes.

How much does freight shipping cost?

Freight shipping costs vary based on factors like distance, weight, dimensions, mode of transport, and additional services. It’s best to request quotes from freight service providers, like Flock, or use online calculators to get estimated pricing based on your specific shipping requirements.

What is the cheapest way to ship freight?

The cheapest way to ship freight depends on factors like distance, weight, and urgency. Generally, for freight that doesn’t fill a truck, Flock’s shared truckload service stands out as the cheapest way to ship. Combining loads from multiple customers into a single truck optimizes costs while ensuring reliable delivery.