The Flock platform user guide for shippers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to…

  • Access Flock’s online platform.
  • Get an instant quote and place an order.
  • Track your shipments.
  • View your quote and order history.

Watch the demo.

Start here to learn everything you need to know for a successful booking experience.

Getting into the platform.

To access Flock’s platform, log in here.

Not a Flock Freight customer yet? Get started here.

Request an instant quote

Our platform gives two options to get a quote:

  • The Quick version lets you fill in all details on a single page.
  • The Guided version lets you build your quote one step at a time with help along the way.

To run a quote through our platform:

  1. Enter your pickup date and pickup & delivery location information
  2. Enter your shipment item details.
  3. For varying packaging types or pallet dimensions, click Add Shipment Item and repeat the process above
  4. Select needed additional services
  5. Choose the allowed vehicle types
  6. Add the number of load bars or straps if needed, or leave blank
  7. Select your pickup and delivery services
  8. Add or decline additional insurance
  9. Click Generate my quote to instantly see rates

Choose the best mode for your freight.

At Flock, we strive to find the best, most efficient ways to ship your freight. You’ll see different options for shipping your freight, depending on how big and heavy your shipment is.

  • FlockDirect® is our guaranteed terminal-free service that moves goods on efficient routes with less damage and carbon emissions.
  • Full Truckload reserves an entire trailer for your shipment. This is ideal for loads that take up more than 44 linear feet.
  • Standard moves goods with one of our LTL or VLTL carrier partners.

Click See Pricing Options to see additional rates based on your pickup flexibility. The more flexibility you have, the greater the discounts we can offer.

Save more with flexible pickup dates.

Not on a strict shipping deadline? When you choose 1-day or 2-day flexible pickup options, we’ll offer you a lower rate. This extra time makes it easier for us to combine your shipment with others as a shared truckload.

Note: If you choose “No Flexibility,” your shipment will pick up and deliver on the dates you originally requested.

Tracking your shipments.

You can easily track your shipment status at any time on our platform. To track a shipment:

  1. Navigate to Quote History
  2. Click on the load you want to track
  3. Click on the Tracking tab just to the right of the Order Details tab
  4. Follow your shipment from the time you confirmed your order to delivery at its final destination

Looking to share the shipment status with a third party?

  1. Enter an email address into the Receiver Contact Email field
  2. Copying and pasting the link provided

View your past shipment history.

You can see your full history with Flock at any time, as well as requote previous orders and quotes to get new rates with a few clicks.

To re-quote a previous quote or shipment:

  1. Click on Quote History in the navigation
  2. Scroll or use the search bar to find a shipment or quote
  3. Click Quote Again
  4. You’ll be brought back to the Request Quote form with all load details automatically filled out
  5. Select a new pickup date
  6. Click Generate my quote and continue booking your shipment