Book & save at scale with easy integration.

Stop overpaying for your 4-20 standard size pallet shipments by accessing instant FlockDirect® spot and contracted rates right from your Transportation Management System (TMS).

Our latest direct integrations.

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Flock + e2open

Save up to 30%* with FlockDirect® for e2open.

Our strategic partnership offers unmatched instant access to FlockDirect® spot or contracted rates through real-time API connection with e2open transportation management system (TMS).

Dynamic rates, seamless integration with Oracle (OTM).

Unlock instant FlockDirect® spot rates with ease, thanks to Oracle Transportation Management’s (OTM) native platform integration. Save time, cut costs, and optimize your shipping operations.

Connect your TMS to harness cutting-edge technology.

Our end-to-end integration solution offers a suite of options to meet your needs. You can choose from instant rating and tendering, tracking, and invoicing, all supported by API and EDI. These options are tailored to your system specifications – without interrupting your workflow.

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Seamless Flock-TMS integration

Simplify and expedite your integration with Flock by leveraging our pre-established connections with top TMS providers, including:

  • Oracle Transportation Management (New)
  • FreightPOP (New)
  • 7L Freight
  • Ship Primus
  • Lima Technologies
  • SAAS Transportation, Inc
  • Logistically
  • e2open (BluJay)
  • Banyan Technology
  • Kuebix
Automated spot rating via API

Instantly request and receive precise rates based on the size of your freight – in standard size pallet, linear feet, or other attributes.

Receive near real-time rates directly in your TMS for:

  • FlockDirect® & shared truckload (STL)
  • Standard LTL
  • Standard TL
  • Standard partials
Automated tendering, tracking, and invoicing via EDI

Put an end to manual freight management. Automatically exchange load and tracking information with Flock via an EDI connection. We support:

  • Connection types
  • SFTP
  • FTP
  • AS2
  • Document types
  • 204: Load tenders
  • 210: Invoicing
  • 211: Bill of lading
  • 214: Tracking updates
  • 990: Accept/reject
  • 997: Acknowledgment
Project 44 integrated apps

Access Flock via your 3PL – no custom connection required.

Save at scale with shared truckload.

The path to saving is simple. Integrating with Flock gets you direct access to our patented shared truckload (STL) technology when you select FlockDirect®. Using advanced A.I. and machine learning algorithms, STL seamlessly combines diverse-sized freight, efficiently moving it along direct, terminal-free route. This method not only reduces costs and minimizes damage but also upholds the same service level as full truckload shipping. The result is faster, more secure delivery while reducing CO2e emissions, creating a smarter supply chain for a more sustainable future.

Deliver faster and 99.8% damage-free — while paying up to 20% less than a full truckload. FlockDirect® uses our patented technology to combine multiple shipments into a shared truckload, and moves it on the most efficient route.

Natively integrate with most major TMS platforms.

Not seeing your TMS? Don’t worry, our in-house integrations team can work with you to connect Flock with your custom system.

Connect in a few simple steps.

Getting started is easy with our personalized approach. Our dedicated team of integration experts will provide close support throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth implementation that meets your unique business needs. Typical integrations take a few weeks to configure and deploy, delivering a hassle-free experience.


Initial call

Book a call with a Flock team member, or if a current customer, talk to your account manager.


Kick-off meeting

Our teams meet to gather requirements and understand how you provide freight details.



Our hands-on approach assures a reliable API/EDI connection with thorough testing to validate functionality.


Set up complete.

You’re ready to see rates, place orders, and track shipments directly in your own system.

“I’ve hired many companies, and the ease of implementing our partnership and quickly getting to work stood out to me. For this, I give kudos to the Flock Freight team. They’re surpassing our expectations.”
Al Garcia

GLS Senior Manager of Transportation & Fleet Services, Toshiba America Business Solutions