Carrier Platform User Guide

Book loads online 24/7/365.

A step-by-step guide to booking loads in Flock Freight’s online platform.

Truck driver

In this guide, you’ll learn how to…

  • Access our online platform.
  • Search for available loads.
  • Book loads online.
  • Manage your active bids.
  • Get custom load recommendations.
  • Have load matches sent to your inbox.
  • Skip check calls by dispatching online.

Let’s get started.

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Find the perfect load.

To search for available loads, follow these steps:

  • Enter your Available Date(s).
  • Enter your Origin.
  • Enter your Origin Radius (optional).
  • Enter your Destination.
  • Enter your Destination Radius (optional).
  • Enter your Trailer Type.
  • Tell us if you have an Empty Trailer or Partial Space.
  • Check the box next to Get Instant Match Alerts to get emails when a new matching load becomes available.
  • Click Search to see matching loads on the Load Matches page.

Book a load instantly.

To book a load online at the listed rate:

  • Search for available loads or look at recommended loads on the Load Matches page.
  • Click on a load that says Book Now in the description to open a new tab.
  • Carefully review the load details.
  • Click Book Now to instantly book the load.

Give us your best offer.

Prefer to submit a bid for a load instead of booking at the listed rate? No problem.

To submit a bid:

  • Search for available loads or look at recommended loads on the Load Matches page.
  • Click on a load to open it in a new tab.
  • Click Bid.
  • Enter your preferred rate.
  • From the dropdown, select the trailer type you plan to use.
  • Click Submit to submit your bid.

You can see the status of all bids—and responses from Flock Freight—by clicking on the Bids button in the main navigation.

See custom load recommendations curated for you.

  • Click Load Matches in the main navigation.
  • Recommended loads based on your searches and preferred lanes will appear on the Load Matches page.
  • You can toggle or delete active searches and Preferred Lanes to narrow down matches.
  • You can filter available matches by:
  • Book Now
  • Rate per Mile
  • Rate
  • Miles
  • Weight
  • Linear Feet
  • Dates
  • Miles to Pickup

Get new matches whenever freight is available on your preferred lanes.

  • Click your company’s name in the main navigation bar.
  • Click Carrier Settings.
  • Click Edit in the Preferred Lanes section.
  • Enter your Origin City, Destination City, Mile Radius, and Trailer Type.
  • You can also delete any Preferred Lanes that you no longer want to get updates on.
  • Click Close to finish.

Skip check calls by dispatching online.

  • The Manage Loads page allows you to see loads that are ready for dispatch or need action from you.
  • To assign a load to a driver or truck:
  • Click on a load you’ve booked.
  • Carefully review the load details, and then click Assign.
  • Add the Driver, Equipment Type, Truck, and Trailer.
  • Click Save Details to finish.
  • To dispatch a load and skip a check call:
  • On the Manage Loads page, click on a load that says “Ready to dispatch?”
  • Fill out Estimated Pickup Date & Time, and Estimated Delivery Date & Time, and Current Location.
  • Click Confirm to finish dispatching the load.