Full Truckload

Reimagine full truckload shipping with Flock.

Stop overpaying for your 4-20 standard size pallet shipments by accessing instant FlockDirect® spot and contracted rates right from your Transportation Management System (TMS).

What makes our full truckload service different?

We’ve made your favorite full truckload service better.


Stop paying for air.

Maximize cost-efficiency by paying only for the space you need. Get the full truckload-quality service you know and love at a less-than-full price.


Choose from vetted carriers.

Match with top quality carriers that adhere to your standards. Drivers in our trusted network hold high safety ratings, sufficient insurance plans, and positive track records.


Seamlessly integrate our tech.

The Flock platform conveniently works with your transportation management system (TMS) and existing processes to quote & tender freight at scale.


Don’t wait for a full truck.

Don’t wait for a full truck. Minimize delays by shipping goods as soon as they’re ready. Many of Flock Freight’s LTL and TL shipments can be sent via our FlockDirect® shared truckload service for faster, more sustainable delivery.

Driving up profit. Driving down effort.

Join the many leading brands that trust Flock Freight to handle their freight shipping and deliver their goods intact and on time.

FTL vs FlockDirect® Shared Truckload (STL)

At Flock we offer multiple modes. Here are some things to think about when deciding between FTL and STL.

FTL is a great choice when:

  • You have enough freight to fill an entire 53' truck
  • You are okay with shifting delivery dates in order to fill the truck
  • You require "exclusive use" of the trailer

FlockDirect® is better when:

  • You have between 4 pallets and 24 pallets, but you want truckload service
  • You are looking to minimize delays by shipping goods as soon as they are ready
  • You want to save money and reduce your carbon emissions


What is considered a full truckload (FTL)?

A full truckload typically refers to a shipment that occupies the entire capacity of a truck, whether it is in terms of weight or volume. It can vary based on the specific truck size and regulations.

How many pallets are in a full truckload?

The number of pallets in a full truckload can vary depending on factors like pallet size, weight, and truck capacity. On average, a full truckload can accommodate around 26 to 30 standard-sized pallets.

What is LTL vs FTL vs TL?

LTL (Less-than-truckload) is for smaller shipments combined onto one truck. FTL (Full Truckload) is dedicated to a single large shipment. TL (Truckload) is a broader term encompassing both LTL and FTL shipments.

How much does it cost to ship a full truckload?

The cost of shipping a full truckload depends on factors like distance, weight, fuel prices, and additional services. It’s best to request quotes from freight service providers, like Flock, or use online calculators to get estimated pricing based on your specific shipping requirements.