Fast, reliable plastics, paper, & packaging shipping.

Deliver on time, every time with 30% faster shipping than LTL that eliminates hefty fees.

Stacked paper rolls

Challenges of plastic, paper, & packaging shipping.

  • Costly LTL delays making it hard to keep customers happy
  • Overspending on partially empty TLs to ensure on-time delivery – affecting 45% of shippers in 2022
  • Unreliable service and lack of transparency that reflects on your business.

Flock’s unrivaled solutions.

  • Deliver on time and on promises by moving goods along optimized, terminal-free routes
  • Only pay for the space you use by sharing space on FlockDirect® trucks that ship on demand and deliver on time
  • Ship confidently with reliable scheduling, accurate tracking, and top-tier support.

Building materials shippers, who use FlockDirect® can see up to...


Cost savings compared to truckload

Don’t get stuck booking TL for LTL-sized loads. Only pay for the space you need – without sacrificing speed.


More on time than LTL

Meet strict appointments with ease by moving your goods faster along optimized, terminal-free routes.


Less CO2e emissions than unfilled TL

Share truck space, eliminate terminals, and get carbon-neutral benefits when you become a frequent flocker.
“We use Flock Freight to improve service with shared truckload… [Flock is] superior to LTL by a long shot.”
Todd Birman

Berlin Packaging