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Apr 21, 2023
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Heavy machinery includes large machines used in various industries, like construction, agriculture, military, or mining. However, transporting this machinery becomes a chore because it’s hefty, unstable, and large. You often need to find specialized equipment and experienced professionals for safe, efficient delivery.These necessary shipping costs can add up fast. What can you do? If you don’t want to overspend, you need to learn how to ship heavy equipment by planning ahead, comparing rates, and more. Keep reading to find the cheapest way to ship heavy equipment so you never feel forced to pay too much again.

Factors that affect heavy equipment shipping costs

When it comes to machinery shipping in general, the cost varies greatly based on different factors. For example, heavy equipment is typically more expensive to ship than other types of machinery simply because it weighs more. The increased weight means drivers must take more care to ensure the equipment arrives at the destination safely. Sometimes, they also need to use special equipment for the shipment, which comes with its own costs. Even if you work with experienced heavy machinery shipping companies, such as Flock Freight, those professional drivers must safely navigate the complexities of transporting heavy equipment and machinery. Safe practices may involve extra focus and effort, leading to more expenses.A few of the other factors that impact the cost to ship heavy equipment include:

  • Distance: The further the distance, the higher the cost because it requires more fuel, effort, and time.
  • Weight and size: With large and heavy equipment, shipping becomes more challenging and specialized, which raises the price.
  • Shipping route: Routes with rugged terrain, narrow roads, or other obstacles may require additional labor for safe shipment, increasing the overall cost of shipping.
  • Time of year: Shipping during certain seasons, like winter, make shipping more complicated and potentially hazardous; this could lead to increased costs due to additional safety measures or delays.
  • Special handling requirements: Certain types of heavy machinery need special handling, like temperature control or additional permits, which would increase the shipping cost.

Understanding why these factors matter to heavy equipment shipping costs and how they impact the overall fee will help shippers make educated decisions about their shipments.

Tips for reducing heavy machinery shipping costs

Clearly, reducing heavy equipment shipping costs is a top priority for shippers. You don’t want to spend more than you have to when shipping heavy machinery, especially if the prices are already high for this type of shipment.While heavy machinery shipping can be expensive, there are ways to reduce costs without compromising quality or safety. Here are a few tips for reducing the cost to ship heavy equipment.

Plan ahead

Shippers should always try to plan in advance for any shipment they have. But avoiding last-minute rush fees is even more critical for heavy equipment shipping, as these will be much higher than they would be for more standard shipments. Planning ahead will allow you to avoid those pesky fees.Another benefit of planning ahead is taking advantage of lower shipping rates as you find them. When you give yourself more time to prepare, you’ll have a broader selection than you would if you waited.The cheapest way to ship heavy equipment will become clear for most shippers after planning and figuring out their options. This vital tip, combined with the others below, should reduce shipping costs significantly.

Compare shipping rates

Comparing various shipping rates gives you more opportunities to find a cost-effective solution. You can look at different drivers or shipment options to see what makes sense for your heavy equipment.You can even use a heavy equipment shipping cost calculator to see typical rates.Companies like Flock Freight connect shippers with drivers offering a variety of shipping methods at different rates. When comparing rates, you can meet your unique budget needs by choosing the ideal shipment mode.

Choose the right shipping method

When you review shipping rates, compare full, partial, and less than truckload shipment methods, as different drivers may offer better rates for specific shipment types.Flock Freight can help increase efficiency for shippers like you with our exclusive shared truckloads (STL). We’ll pool your freight with other freight traveling a similar route so you’re not paying to ship air or waste time. You’ll see higher reliability with STL than LTL shipments (and lower rates than trucks that aren’t full).Shippers can reap a plethora of benefits from using our STL service, including:

  • Up to 20% cheaper than TL
  • 30% more frequent on-time deliveries
  • Confident damage-free shipping
  • Experience 5.7x less damage than LTL
  • Connections with carriers you prefer
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Quick online booking
  • More shipping modes for same size shipment

You’ll get less damage on goods for a lower price and more control over your choices when you go with Flock Freight.In addition to considering various shipping modes when reviewing shipping rates, it's important to also consider the type of equipment needed for transporting your heavy machinery. For certain types of heavy machinery, a flatbed truck may be necessary to ensure safe and secure transportation. Flock does not currently service flatbeds.

Properly prepare the machinery for shipping

As a shipper, you can reduce costs by preparing the machinery for shipping before transport. This process minimizes the risk of damage during transportation and secures the equipment for a safe transit. The necessary preparations depend on the equipment, but they may include cleaning or disassembling.

Negotiate with drivers or owner-operators

You should always negotiate with drivers or owner-operators for the best price. Negotiating means securing better rates and terms for the shipping process, which helps your bottom line. You’ll have a better experience negotiating rates and contract terms if you can leverage shipment volume. Plus, working with the same drivers or companies repeatedly will help you build long-term relationships, which makes negotiations easier.

Monitor and track shipments

Real-time tracking helps you monitor the location and status of your shipment during the whole transportation process. You can help reroute the shipment, identify delays, and work with the driver right away to help reduce outstanding costs. This information will help you create clear delivery expectations with the driver, making communication more efficient.

Revolutionize your shipping strategy: Get a quote from Flock Freight

Cost-effective heavy machinery shipping is essential for any shipper. It can be expensive to ship heavy equipment due to many factors. But luckily, if you take time to plan, you can do the following to reduce costs:

  • Compare rates.
  • Choose the best shipping method.
  • Prepare the shipment.
  • Negotiate with drivers.
  • Track the shipment.

You can maintain profitability and minimize transportation expenses quickly with Flock Freight. Plus, you can cut costs by 20% with a shared truckload. With more modes, you can choose the method that works for you.Book online in minutes through the Flock platform, and find the cheapest way to ship your heavy equipment today.