Smarter freight for a greener planet.

Flock’s technology champions a more efficient, more sustainable supply chain in an industry long overdue for innovation.

What makes Flock different?

Our purpose

Flock exists to make the freight industry better.

Our patented software pools freight in the most efficient way possible—bringing shippers more cost-effective options while helping carriers keep their trucks (and wallets) full.

Plus, fuller trucks moving on optimized routes reduces carbon emissions by up to 40% compared to traditional methods—helping the environment, too.

Better for shippers. Better for carriers. Better for the planet. Flock yeah!

Our mission

Our mission is to reimagine existing freight processes by relentlessly eliminating inefficiency and waste through shared truckload shipping.

Infamous for inefficiencies, the freight industry is long overdue for innovation.

It’s time to move freight better.

Our leadership

Chris Pickett
Chief Operating Officer
Luis Saenz
Chief Technology Officer
Oren Zaslansky
CEO and Founder
Pat Dillon
Chief Financial Officer

Our investors

Our team

Our pursuit to reinvent the industry would be nothing without our brilliant team members who are dedicated to making freight better for all.

We embody our B corp certification by tackling diverse initiatives that bolster a sustainable, transparent, high-performance, and high-care culture.

If you’re ready for an impactful, fulfilling career, take a look at our open roles.