Better for shippers. Better for carriers. Better for the planet.

Flock’s technology champions a more efficient, more sustainable supply chain in an industry long overdue for innovation.

Our mission

Our mission is to optimize the world’s freight transportation resources.

We are transforming the freight industry by delivering Shared Truckload at scale, which unlocks value for shippers, carriers, and our planet.

The value Shared Truckload unlocks:

  • For shippers: Lower cost with a high level of service 
  • For carriers: Higher earnings 
  • For our planet: Reduced emissions from freight 

Our values

Our values reflect both who we are and who we strive to be. We aim to make these values evident through our work every day at Flock.


Flockers have grit. We combine persistent effort with unrelenting and focused motivation to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. Flockers are mentally tough: we have perseverance, resilience, self-regulation, courage, passion, and conscientiousness. We exhibit determination, direction, and a commitment to doing hard things.

One Flock

Support of Flock’s mission and goals, before those of individuals or teams. Flockers work together to achieve our goals with a unified strategy. We prefer in-person and in-office collaboration. We work cross-functionally, reject siloing, have constructive conflict, seek to understand, help each other overcome challenges, and win together.

Mission Driven

Flock is changing the industry and the world with Shared Truckload. We are disrupting the status quo; we embrace being different, and we invent and innovate where necessary to advance Shared Truckload. Flockers take calculated risks, test hypotheses, validate learnings, fail fast, and iterate quickly. We are comfortable with imperfection. We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Operational Excellence

Flock is frugal, not fancy. We operate in a thin margin industry. Flockers don’t fly blind: we require data, visibility, and measurement. We manage our business rigorously and systematically. We value standardization with clear written and verbal communication. We drive efficiency by automating, simplifying, and adopting technology.

Build Trust

Flockers take ownership and hold each other accountable. We hold ourselves to high standards of reliability. Flock's success is dependent on our ability to build trust with customers, carriers, partners and employees. We build trust with clear expectation setting and follow-through. This is necessary to drive behavioral change. We support personal growth, integrity, and diversity to build a stronger team.

Our leadership

Oren Zaslansky
CEO and Founder
Chris Pickett
Chief Operating Officer
Pat Dillon
Chief Financial Officer
Luis Saenz
Chief Technology Officer
Vince Byrd
General Counsel

Our investors

Flock Freight headquarters in Encinitas, CA

Our team

Our pursuit to reinvent the industry would be nothing without our brilliant team members who are dedicated to making freight better for all.

We embody our B corp certification by tackling diverse initiatives that bolster a sustainable, transparent, high-performance, and high-care culture.

If you’re ready for an impactful, fulfilling career, take a look at our open roles.