Reliable shared truckloads built for food and beverage’s strict deliveries.

Eliminate OTIF fees and access untapped capacity not found anywhere else. As F&B shipping experts, Flock moves 1,000s of loads to major grocery distributors every day.

Canned food on the shelf

Freight’s hidden impact on F&B prices and waste

With insights from 200 food and beverage shippers, our new research unveils the freight inefficiencies impacting your bottom line and product loss. Discover how these gaps lead to an alarming 2.4 million pounds of wasted product annually per shipper — and more importantly, what strategies can counteract these losses. Dive in and reduce waste fromyour shipping program.

How Vitamin Well meets deadlines and cuts costs with Flock

With Flock, Vitamin Well gets full truckload service for LTL prices — plus, a reliable partner through any bump in the road. They count on us to meet deadlines and keep their product safe, all while reducing costs.

Challenges of food and beverage freight

  • Rigid delivery requirements that are hard to meet when using traditional modes.
  • Hefty, unexpected OTIF fees — averaging over $250,000 per shipper in 2022.
  • Risk of cross contamination of goods when your shipment is combined with others.
  • Unreliable service and lack of transparency that reflects on your business.

Flock’s unrivaled solutions

  • Deliver on time and damage free by moving goods along optimized, terminal-free routes.
  • Save $100,000s on late fees thanks to predictable delivery windows and tracking.
  • We only ship your goods with other food-safe commodities.
  • Reliable appointment scheduling and support that feels like an extension of your team.

    *We currently don’t ship hazardous, refrigerated, or produce freight.

Food and beverage shippers, who use FlockDirect® can see up to...


Cost savings compared to truckload

Instantly quote shipments online using our self-service platform—without speaking to a representative. For tendering at scale, Flock offers both API and EDI TMS integrations.


More on time than LTL

Meet strict appointments with ease by moving your goods faster along optimized, terminal-free routes.


Fewer CO2e emissions than underutilized TL

Share truck space, eliminate terminals, and get carbon-neutral benefits when you become a frequent flocker.
“We were using TL service to ship freight with 12-14 pallets from Dallas to Florida due to weight constraints. Using FlockDirect® reduced delivery expenses on these types of shipments, sometimes upwards of 50%.”
Tyler Wright

Director, Warehousing & Logistics at Waiākea Water

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