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We are changing the decades-old way freight moves across the country. By leveraging technology, we pool multiple shipments together into one full truckload, so your freight arrives on-time and damage-free – guaranteed. Unlock the benefits of full truckload service for your next LTL or Partial shipment with FlockDirect.


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With FlockDirect, your freight gets the VIP treatment.

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Paper, Plastic, and Packaging

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Customer Reviews

Jeff Tannehill
Jeff Tannehill

FlockDirect came through for us with flying colors. The rate beat my tariffed carriers’ numbers and the freight arrived very quickly. Excellent customer service, pricing, and transit time.

Eric Wollaston
Eric Wollaston

Go for FlockDirect! It’s awesome, it tells you when your freight will get picked up and when it will deliver. If it doesn’t get delivered on time – it’s free!

Using the Flock Platform is as simple as it is powerful. There are no extra hoops to jump through—simply enter your info, get a quote, and you’re on your way.