Carrier Platform

Self-serve tech helping carriers earn up to 20% more.

You need more than a load board to keep your trucks full.

Young bearded truck driver at the wheel

The power to earn in your hands

Book loads in seconds

Bid and negotiate rates your way

Receive instant customized load suggestions

Score early, exclusive access to loads

Get around the clock support

Get paid quickly with TriumphPay

Don’t wait for payday.

Getting paid has never been so easy. Flock Freight offers QuickPay and same-day payment through TriumphPay.

Flexible pay.

Choose terms that fit your needs and get paid as early as 1 day – maximizing the money in your pocket.

Eliminate check-in calls.

Wave goodbye to annoying tracking rep phone calls. Automated tracking sends status updates to customers so you can do your job without interruptions.

Value that won’t cost you.

Experience increased visibility through automated tracking, for free, with Flock’s Project44 partnership.

Set up automatic tracking with P44