Sustainability is at our core.

Flock Freight® is a FreightTech company fundamentally changing the way freight moves. With the invention of our Shared Truckload (STL) solution, FlockDirect®, shippers now have a new mode of shipping freight that offers an alternative to traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) or full truckload (TL).

Leveraging machine learning, our patented technology efficiently finds and fills trucks’ empty spaces and puts freight on the most efficient routes, creating significant value for shippers, carriers and the environment

Reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint with Shared Truckload.

Utilize more truck space.

Combine shipments, increase truck utilization and see a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Ship on direct routes.

Removing the need for terminals significantly reduces transit miles and carbon emissions.

Reduce scope 3 emissions.

Utilizing more truck space and shipping on direct routes avoids unnecessary fuel usage, which will cut your Scope 3 supply chain emissions.

FlockDirect® – different from traditional modes.

Less-than-truckload = 3-6 trucks. Multiple drivers. High-risk touch points.

If you’re shipping less than a truckload, you have to take an indirect route — where every hub, spoke, and terminal consolidation point increases the chances of damage, delay, and loss.

Truckload = One truck. One driver. Untapped capacity.

Alternatively, you can reserve a truckload to make sure your goods get to their destinations on-time and virtually damage-free — but it’s more space than you need, meaning you’re paying to ship air.

Shared Truckload = One truck. One driver. Last-in, first-out scheduling.

FlockDirect® offers a more efficient solution, using patented tech to find and fill trucks’ empty spaces and puts freight on the most efficient routes, avoiding hubs, damage, delays, and unnecessary emissions.

2023 Impact Report

As a Certified B Corporation, Flock understands the value of transparency and accountability when it comes to how our business affects people and the planet. Read about our impact from 2023 in our annual report.

Raising the bar on emissions calculations

Learn how Flock calculates Shared Truckload emissions.

We measure customers’ STL environmental impact and share performance metrics to improve accountability among shipping businesses (and drive down supply chain emissions). Download the guide to learn our process for tracking and analyzing STL emissions and access:

  • Flock’s STL calculation
  • A calculation for comparing the emissions of STL to less than truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL)

Keep reading to see how STL reduces emissions by roughly 15-40% compared to LTL and TL.

Benefits of shipping FlockDirect®

Receive quarterly emissions reporting.

Automatically receive a quarterly emissions report delivered straight to your inbox to monitor and optimize your business's environmental impact. This includes CO2e avoided and shipment data such as load count, distance & weight.

Unlock carbon neutrality.

In our ongoing efforts to build a more sustainable supply chain, we’re pleased to offer Frequent Flocker, a FlockDirect® carbon offset program to support your business in reaching carbon-neutral shipping. Learn more here.