Dynamic rates, seamlessly integrated with Oracle (OTM).

Accelerate your cost savings by getting instant access to FlockDirect® spot rates, making your shipping decisions faster than ever.

Streamline your workflow.

Enjoy the flexibility to ship when your goods are ready with FlockDirect® spot rates based on pallet size — giving you full control over your shipping operation.

Maximize your efficiency.

Book confidently by choosing FlockDirect®’s cost-saving offerings on OTM and reduce the risk of damage, delays, and post-shipment fees associated with traditional LTL and VLTL.

Prioritize your ESG goals.

Support your sustainability efforts and reduce CO2e emissions with FlockDirect® — contributing to a better future for our planet.

Pallet based pricing with full truckload level service.

When you need to move freight ranging from 4 to 20 pallets, FlockDirect® is the perfect solution. It provides access to our patented shared truckload (STL) technology powered by advanced A.I. and machine learning algorithms, which combines diverse-sized freight and moves it efficiently along direct, terminal-free routes. This method not only reduces costs and minimizes damage but also upholds the same service level as full truckload shipping.

Integrate in a few simple steps.

Getting started is easy with our personalized approach. Our dedicated team of integration experts will provide close support throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth implementation that meets your unique business needs. Typical integrations take a few weeks to configure and deploy, delivering a hassle-free experience.

Get integrated now


Share your technical contact and we’ll gather the requirements to understand how you provide freight details.


Establish and test your connection, authentication, and rating API configuration.


Once fully connected, you’re ready to request and book shipments directly on OTM.
“Flock has simplified things in many ways. Now, we have an option that can give us truckload service and delivery, even when we’re not shipping a full truckload. If we’re bringing on a new customer who asks to expedite their first order, we use Flock as a verb now, saying, ‘We’re gonna Flock it.’ ”
John Connery

Operations Specialist, Vitamin Well