7 Benefits of FlockDirect® Freight Service

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Feb 6, 2023
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Technology in the freight industry is helping shippers save more and move their freight more efficiently. Through Flock Freight’s patented technology, our guaranteed load-to-ride service, FlockDirect®, ensures your freight moves as fast and damage-free as possible. FlockDirect® brings truckload-style service to shipments of any size, at a fraction of the cost. With FlockDirect®, freight is shipped on direct, hubless transit and shippers get full control over the pickup and delivery dates—all while avoiding hidden LTL accessorial fees. While FlockDirect® utilizes multiple freight modes depending on your freight, one shines above the rest: shared truckload (STL). Shared truckload enables businesses to share trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload—and only pay for the space they use. Shippers pay the low rates of LTL and benefit from full truckload service. You should utilize FlockDirect® if your freight is:

  • hard to move, and at high risk of damage moving through the hub-and-spoke network
  • bulky, abnormal dimensions, non-palletized, or floor-loaded
  • fragile or high-value
  • subject to strict pickup and delivery appointments
  • too big for LTL, but too small to fill a full truck (8-44 linear feet)
  • needs to move fast, with no delays

So, why should you choose FlockDirect® vs. other LTL freight services? Below are 7 ways FlockDirect® can save you time and money.

1. Full control over pickup and delivery dates

Customers have higher expectations than ever. In fact, our freight industry forecast predicts the “Amazon Effect” will influence the freight and logistics industry well into 2023 and beyond. FlockDirect® helps you meet those tight deadlines and keep your customers happy by pooling freight into shared full truckloads that travel directly from pickup location to destination—without passing through hubs or terminals. This means your goods move efficiently and are delivered 30% more on time than less than truckload (LTL) shipments. Avoid the late deliveries that plague LTL, and ensure your shipments—especially the time-sensitive ones—are delivered exactly when you need.

2. 99.8% damage free shipping

Hubs, terminals, and multiple stops mean your freight is passing through a lot of hands. The onboarding, unloading, and other handling leads to a high risk of damage. Plus, each stop adds to your total transit time, potentially causing delays. Both damaged and delayed freight cost your business an unbelievable amount of money. The best way to avoid paying all of these surprise costs is to prevent damage in the first place. FlockDirect® eliminates unnecessary handling with direct, hubless routes, and our advanced freight technology ensures that your freight travels on the most optimized route with the least amount of handling.

3. Full trailer utilization means saving up to 20% compared to TL

With shared truckload, shippers share the cost and deck space of a full-size trailer and guarantee the efficiency of the truckload. By keeping trucks full, STL offers TL services at a better rate that saves you up to 20%. Plus, when truck trailers are full, there is a lower chance of your freight being damaged en route.

4. No consolidation, transloading, or terminals

Consolidation, transloading, and terminals lead to excess handling of your freight, causing an increased risk of damage or loss, delays, and longer transit times. Using Flock’s patented technology, freight sent via STL ships on fully optimized routes that go directly from pickup to destination.

5. No sneaky accessorial fees

An accessorial fee is a charge for extra service outside the standard agreement a carrier provides during shipment. LTL shipping is riddled with sneaky accessorial fees that add up. Flock's study with Drive Research revealed that as of 2021, shippers were spending an average of $411,239.18 per year on accessorial fees.Accessorial fees are one of many hidden costs you’ll experience with LTL. But with FlockDirect®, accessorial fees are extinguished thanks to routes optimized by our patented shipper technology. And when you ship with Flock Freight, the price given is the price paid, no surprise costs.

6. Transparent tracking

Feel in control and in the loop on where your shipments are at all times with FlockDirect®’s transparent tracking. Receive notifications for pickup and delivery times–including any changes–to enhance your freight’s visibility while also improving your accountability. Knowing exactly where your freight is with transparent tracking helps you make important business decisions and communicate effectively with stakeholders and customers.

7. Lower carbon footprint

Shipping with FlockDirect® doesn’t just save your wallet, it saves the environment. You can slash your greenhouse gas emissions up to 40% when you ship shared truckload. Here’s how Flock’s freight technology lowers your carbon footprint:

  • eliminates wasted fuel and unnecessary trips by optimizing trailer space
  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40% with streamlined routes
  • removes carbon-intensive and energy-consuming LTL terminals with hubless transportation
  • reduces the need to remanufacture and reship goods that had been damaged in LTL facilities

In 2022, through FlockDirect®, 1,500 shippers eliminated 32,000 metric tons of CO2e. A sustainable supply chain can positively impact shippers’ bottom lines and FlockDirect® can help you achieve a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain. Download our Green Freight white paper to learn more about sustainable shipping solutions.

Start saving with FlockDirect®

Flock’s platform lets you quickly book shipments, track your freight, and contact our support team all from one easy-to-navigate portal. You can also connect your transportation management system (TMS) via API or EDI integrations. Along with an intuitive, quick-to-use platform, a dedicated Flock Freight representative has your back and is ready to provide you the support you need, whenever you need it. See how shippers like you are saving with FlockDirect®.