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Why Flock Is Better Than a Freight Broker

12.22.2022 | By Erica Chappell | 5 min. read

We get it, you’ve got a lot on your plate. To bring your product to market, you’re evaluating freight options and prices, searching for carriers, arranging timeframes, monitoring budgets, striving to meet changing consumer expectations, and navigating market conditions… 

It’s time to get some help. One source could be a freight broker, but here’s a hot take: Flock Freight can do everything—and more—a freight broker can do. 

And we’ve got the proof to back up such a bold statement. Read on for answers to questions like what is a freight broker, what do freight brokers do, and why Flock is the better option for both shippers and carriers.


What is a freight broker?

A freight broker, sometimes referred to as a freight forwarder, is someone who facilitates communication between a shipper and a carrier and ensures that everything runs smoothly. The following are the most common types of freight brokers:

    1. Agent model freight brokerage: A popular model where you work with a single individual broker who manages all aspects of your freight moving process. 
    2. Traditional freight brokerage: Instead of working with a single broker, you work with a sales team who finds carriers and books loads. They work in tandem with a team of carrier reps who build relationships with potential carriers. 
    3. Asset-based freight brokerage: A more uncommon option, this brokerage is typically a trucking company that also acts as a broker, utilizing its own fleet of trucks and sometimes its external network of carriers. 
    4. 3PL (third-party logistics company): Using technology and management systems, this e-commerce logistics provider option handles 100% of your transportation supply chain.
    5. Digital freight brokerage or digital freight matchers (DFMs): New to the freight brokerage industry, these brokerages are mobile apps or websites that match up shippers with available freight space. Using algorithms, this solution seeks to provide freight options to shippers as quickly as possible–one of its major selling points. 


What does a freight broker do?

A freight broker connects shippers to carriers and serves as the main point of contact for both. A freight broker negotiates with the carrier, plans and optimizes the route, tracks the freight, deals with any issues that may arise, and communicates with both parties throughout the shipping process.


Why shippers and carriers work with brokers

For shippers

Brokers help to:

  • find better rates by tapping into their network and relationships with carriers
  • optimize shipping by utilizing their industry knowledge and expertise
  • handle claims by filing, managing, and following up on any outstanding claims, making certain that they are paid
  • scale or manage growth by optimizing processes and giving shippers more time to focus on business development and customer satisfaction
  • minimize damage and ensure your freight gets from point A to B by finding trusted carriers and building optimized routes with the least amount of touchpoints
  • replace a full-time hire and act as a consultant saving shippers the money and time needed to hire and train a full-time role

For carriers

Brokers work to:

    • manage communications with shippers by being the single point of contact throughout the entire shipping process
    • access larger freight capacity options by sourcing dedicated/contracted or spot shipping options
    • consolidate payments so carriers are paid once instead of multiple times by various shippers
    • give free online access to their load boards so carriers can find both loads and business opportunities


Downsides of working with a freight broker

If you are looking for a speedy solution, want more control and visibility over your supply chain, or value building your own network and relationships then a broker may not be the right fit for you. 

Here are more downsides to working with a freight broker:

  • can’t guarantee speed or efficiency for booking loads
  • often requires high fees and hikes up prices
  • has a limited network of carriers to access
  • doesn’t work 24/7 and may have slow response times
  • may not have your best interest in mind and may give you limited visibility to your own supply chain
  • isn’t always completely caught up on shifting industry standards and trends


How Flock Freight is better than a broker

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that make Flock Freight better than your average freight broker.  

Let’s break it down…

With our patented technology, Flock Freight ensures shipments get to their final destination on time, damage-free, and without any of those annoying accessorial fees. 

How? Flock’s shared truckload (STL) shipments stay safe and in a single truck, driven by a single driver, all the way to their destination—effectively eliminating costly, empty space. 

“Because of how expensive diesel is, the extra amount of money that comes with a shared truckload kind of saves us when it comes to our profits.” – George Shoya, Instafreight, Dispatcher

But that’s not all—here are more reasons why Flock Freight is better than a broker for both shippers and carriers: 


  • cut costs by up to 20% compared to LTL
  • deliver on time 30% more often and 99.9% damage-free
  • instantly and accurately track your freight’s location and delivery date/time all through the Flock’s easy-to-use platform 
  • access a large network of trusted, quality carriers who meet Flock’s high standards
  • connect with the Flock team any time you need assistance instead of being limited to a broker’s 9-5


  • minimize out-of-route mileage and earn $200 more per day than a traditional truckload with our shared-truckload option
  • get optimized routes that reduce terminals and manage variables like traffic, weather, and road type
  • book risk-free loads with guaranteed rates 
  • bid and negotiate loads your way, including more access to partial freight and terminal-free loads
  • avoid annoying check-in calls and interruptions with Flock’s automatic tracking that updates customers
  • get paid easy, quick, and your way with Flock’s QuickPay options and flexible payment terms  
  • sign up on Flock’s platform and start booking in less than 30 minutes 

“I only use the website. I used to make 50 to 100 calls a day, to maybe three calls a day now.” – George Shoya, Instafreight, Dispatcher


Earn more and save more with Flock Freight

While a freight broker can greatly benefit both carriers and shippers, it’s clear that Flock Freight does more; however, we have some tips to find the best freight broker if you go that route. 

As a quick recap, here’s how Flock Freight is the best option for both carriers and shippers. 

With Flock, you will:

  • book loads fast and easy
  • get the best rates that benefit both parties 
  • access or join a network of over 10,000 trusted carriers
  • receive 24/7 support whenever you need it most 

See for yourself by booking a demo today.

Start booking high-paying, risk-free loads in just 30 minutes.