Platform Updates To Share Load Info & Streamline Dispatch

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Sep 13, 2023
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Ready for more efficient dispatching? Eliminate manual relays and missed information with the latest Flock update.Developed with both drivers and dispatchers in mind, this feature simplifies and streamlines load assignments by:

  • making it easy for dispatchers to share load information with drivers
  • giving drivers access to all load details in one place, with one click

Now, once a dispatcher assigns a driver to a load, the driver automatically receives a text with a link to all key information about the load. Try it now.

How to share load info with drivers.

Sharing critical load details with drivers is now easier than ever before.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Book a load to haul.
  2. Go to the Manage Loads page and select a load that is ready to dispatch.
  3. Assign a driver, including their phone number, and a truck to the load.
  4. Our platform automatically sends the driver a text with a link to their assigned load.
  5. By opening the link, the driver has access to comprehensive load details, including:
  6. pick up and delivery locations
  7. scheduling information
  8. special instructions

Try it now for your next load.

Benefits for dispatchers.

Easily relay information to drivers without delays or extra work.You no longer need to manually send assignments to drivers — because our platform automatically does it for you.Plus, empowering your drivers with all of the information they need in one location significantly minimizes confusion, ultimately reducing the amount of issues you need to resolve.

Benefits for drivers.

Worried about missing key load details? Frustrated digging through emails to find information about your load assignments? Not anymore.By easily accessing all load information in one location right from your phone, you’ll:

  • never miss critical details about your load assignments
  • stop wasting time calling dispatchers and digging through messages to find the information you need
  • be empowered to provide excellent service on every load

Now go on & get haulin’. Log in to the Flock platform now.Don’t haul with Flock yet? Sign up today.