TriumphPay Partnership Brings Fast, Seamless Payments to Carriers

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May 22, 2023
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At Flock Freight, we’re committed to investing in new technologies and partnerships that help carriers earn more and get paid quickly in any market condition.So when our carriers asked for a better, faster payment experience, we listened.We recently partnered with TriumphPay, so carriers can:

  • better maintain consistent cash flow by choosing how and when they get paid, while getting greater visibility and control over payments
  • get more time back in their day with hassle-free paperwork management

What is TriumphPay?

TriumphPay, a division of Triumph Bancorp, is a payment platform designed specifically for the transportation industry.Offering tools that increase payment delivery speeds, decrease the pain of paperwork, and more, TriumphPay creates frictionless payment experiences for carriers, brokers, and shippers alike.

Features of the Flock Freight and TriumphPay partnership.

With this new partnership, carriers who work with Flock Freight can:

  • request 1-day payments via QuickPay for a 2.5% fee
  • upload Flock Freight documents
  • create invoices to send to Flock
  • view status of all Flock payments
  • keep more of their hard-earned money

Request 1-day payments via QuickPay.

It’s never been easier for carriers to get paid faster. Carriers simply select their payment preferences for each load, including choosing which loads are QuickPay and which are standard. When they choose QuickPay for a shipment, they can get paid in as little as one day.Plus, at half the rate of many other companies, QuickPay’s low 2.5% fee means that carriers keep more of their hard-earned money.

Easily upload, create, & view invoice status via TriumphPay App.

Gone are the days of carriers wasting time with complicated invoices and chasing down payments. With the TriumphPay app, carriers get more time – and peace – back into their workflows with seamless features that allow them to:

  • upload documents from anywhere to easily keep their fleet moving and earning
  • quickly and easily generate invoices, significantly minimizing stress and wasted time
  • see real-time payment statuses to know exactly when a payment will arrive

How to get started with TriumphPay.

Carriers who already work with Flock can get started with TriumphPay in 3 easy steps.

  1. Create an account or login.
  2. Select ‘Flock Freight’ and follow the prompting to easily verify the relationship.
  3. Set up a preferred payment method.

Additionally, carriers can easily get online and phone support on any payment-related questions directly through TriumphPay.

How hauling with Flock earns you more.

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