A Carrier’s Guide to Shared Truckload

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Mar 28, 2023
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In an inflationary market like we saw in 2021 – when there are more shipments needing to be moved than there are available drivers – carriers have the upper hand. Because there is an excess of available shipments, carriers can charge shippers more per load.On the flip side, in a deflationary market like 2022 and what we’re seeing so far in 2023, competition is high for lower-paying loads. That’s because with fewer goods needing to be moved, there’s an excess of available carriers, and to secure loads, carriers often have to lower their rates.But no matter if you’re struggling to find good rates or easily keeping a profit rolling in, it’s always a good time to earn more with better-paying loads. So if you’ve been asking, “What are the best-paying loads, and where can I find them?” Look no further. Earn up to 20% more per haul by moving the highest-paying freight loads out there: Flock’s shared truckloads (STL).

What is a shared truckload?

The only mode of its kind, STL uses patented technology to match shippers’ midsize, 10-44 linear feet freight with the empty space in carriers’ trucks. Essentially, STL moves multiple shipments together in one truck on optimal, terminal-free routes. Picture it this way: You have a trailer that is 75% full. Using an algorithm, our patented technology finds an additional shipment that’s the right size, going in the direction you’re already going to fill the available 25% of space on your truck.So you, the carrier, get paid more for the same haul because you’re now moving two shipments instead of one. Plus, there’s minimal, if any, extra pickup and dropoff effort on your part because this second shipment needs to go directly to or nearby where you were already headed anyway.And the shipper wins, too… because sharing your trailer space costs them less than a full truckload they don’t really need.You secure the highest paying load while the shippers secure more cost-effective rates. Win. Win. But how does it actually work? Let’s go a little deeper.

How does shared truckload work?

Flock’s sophisticated algorithm factors locations, schedules, and load sizes to pool compatible shipments from multiple parties to share – and fill – a carrier’s trailer space.The algorithm also finds the best route, sending the full truck on an optimal, hubless path that avoids time-consuming stops at consolidation warehouses or LTL terminals.The result? Fuller trucks that travel on smarter routes to earn carriers more while saving shippers more, too."One of the benefits of shared truckload is that I could easily do three individual loads, but I'd be driving around all over the place. Or, I can do one or two shared truckloads — and it’ll pay me more," said Hector Garcia of Gares Investments LLC.

diagram showing shared truckload for carriers

Why is STL the best option for carriers?

Our one-of-a-kind technology finds the best ways to pool freight among billions of possible combinations – meaning there’s never been a smarter, or more profitable, way to haul freight. By moving STL, you:

Earn up to 20% more per haul.

STL fills your entire trailer space, so you’re utilizing – and earning more on – every linear foot of capacity.

Work smarter, effortlessly.

Take the heavy lifting out of dispatching. Not only does STL find you high-paying top-offs, it also handles delivery appointments, shipper communication, and order of delivery for you – freeing you up to do more important things like manage your fleet.

Move more, wait less.

By sending your drivers on the most efficient routes, STL minimizes deadhead and out-of-route mileage. Plus, with loads not needing to be transloaded at hubs, you also avoid money-wasting dwell times.

Lower fuel costs while reducing CO2e emissions up to 40%.

Eliminating unnecessary out-of-route mileage saves you money on fuel while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By hauling STL, you’re helping to innovate the supply chain by doing good for your business and the planet. Learn more about our additional sustainability efforts.

How easy is it to find loads to haul in Flock’s platform?

When you sign up to Flock's platform, you can stop wasting time scrolling through irrelevant freight.

Get personalized load recommendations.

Unlike traditional load boards, Flock’s platform provides a personalized experience — learning the freight you want to serve you curated recommendations.

Instantly receive emails about preferred hauls.

Plus, you can opt into instant email notifications when a preferred load becomes available so you never miss your favorite, high-paying loads.

Ready to find the best paying freight loads with Flock?

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