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Shared truckload: Your solution for midsize freight

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Why shared truckload?


Perfect for partials: Shipments between 8-44 linear feet travel in speedy, hubless shared truckloads, making STL the best mode for freight that exceeds LTL limits (but doesn’t fill a whole truck).


Eliminate damage: Shipments remain on one truck from pickup to delivery, making STL 120x safer than hub-and-spoke LTL shipping.


Reduce cost: Shared truckload provides TL service for less. Because you share trailer space with other shippers, you don’t pay for any more room than you need.


Faster transit times: Speed up revenue flow by sending freight right away. With STL, you can ship your freight when it’s ready with faster transit than LTL and consolidator networks.


Total control: You choose your pickup and delivery dates and times, reducing late fees for missed appointments.


No sneaky fees: STL pricing is completely transparent — no more worrying over accessorial, reclassing, or Cubic Capacity & Density (CCD) fees.

Experience a better way to move volume LTL freight and partials

Flock Freight is the only logistics provider that guarantees your freight moves as a shared truckload with FlockDirect. See for yourself how FlockDirect is the best shipping mode for delivering midsize freight damage-free and on-time, every time.

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Your options for midsize freightFlockDirectPartial TruckloadVolume LTL
Guaranteed shared truckload service
No risk of reweighs, reclasses, or Cubic Capacity & Density (CCD) fees
No consolidation, trans-loading, or terminals
Simple and straightforward freight tracking
Full control over pickup and delivery dates
.001% risk of damage
Eliminates emissions with carbon neutral transit

Shared truckload: In the news

Shared truckload provider Flock Freight reaches unicorn status with Series D

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 led Flock Freight’s $215 million round.

A new San Diego unicorn: Flock Freight scores $215M for tech that transforms truck shipments

Flock Freight, an Encinitas trucking logistics firm that aims to revolutionize the way freight moves across the country, has landed another $215 million in venture capital — making it San Diego’s latest startup unicorn.

Flock Freight joins The Climate Pledge

Flock Freight is furthering its mission to reinvent the freight industry by joining more than 100 global companies in taking The Climate Pledge, a commitment to work toward net-zero carbon by 2040.

Logistics Companies Offer ‘Green’ Solutions

Shippers are looking for ways to improve their sustainability, and solutions from third-party logistics providers are increasingly helping them do that — such as carbon neutral shared truckload shipping.

Flock Freight to offset 100% of FlockDirect carbon emissions

Flock Freight’s business model is built on sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the freight industry. The company announced that it will offset 100% of carbon emissions for FlockDirect customers for free in 2021 to achieve carbon neutrality.

Freight-pooling from Flock Freight is the future of shipping

What if you could take 9 million cars off the road, speed up deliveries to e-commerce customers, and save small businesses money? That’s the potential of Flock Freight’s shared truckload “freight-pooling”.

Flock Freight pulls in $113 million for software that moves freight better via shared trucks

Flock Freight — a Solana Beach firm whose software pools multiple shipments together into one shared truckload — has raised $113.5 million in a new round of financing, led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

Ready to experience faster, safer, and greener shipping for freight of any size? Book shared truckload shipping today.

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