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Efficiency: Powered by shared truckload

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Why shared truckload (STL)?


Reduce cost: Pay only for the space you use while getting the same truckload service you know and love.


Eliminate damage: Since STL shipments travel directly to their destination on one shared truck, there’s virtually no risk of damage. Shared truckload eliminates the costs of remanufacturing broken goods.


Faster transit times: Speed up revenue flow by never waiting to fill an entire truck. With STL, you can ship your freight when it’s ready with faster transit than LTL.


Total control: You choose your pickup and delivery dates, reducing late fees for missed pickup and delivery appointments.


No sneaky fees: Avoid LTL accessorial and reclass fees; our shared truckload prices are completely transparent.

Shared truckload: In the news

Dr. Bronner’s and the Flock Freight Initiative

Flock Freight’s more direct routing will lower Dr. Bronner’s’ greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.

Flock Freight achieves B Corp status for shared truckload solution

“As the first freight shipping company to gain B Corporation status, Flock Freight is setting the standard for sustainable shipping practices in the trucking industry with our shared truckload shipping solution,” said Oren Zaslansky.

Shippers, Carriers and the Environment Win with Shared Truckload Service

Shipping or partnering with a logistics provider that offers shared truckload service advances green trucking initiatives and drives the freight industry forward.

Why Shared Truckload is a Better Solution for Shippers and Carriers When Moving Freight

By helping shippers and carriers move freight on their own terms, shared truckload pulls ahead of the less-than-truckload and truckload methods.

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