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Shared Truckload

FlockDirect for truckload-quality service at a lower cost

Our tech-driven shared truckload service enables you and other shippers to pool freight onto a multi-stop truckload.

Direct routes, on-time delivery

Meeting your customers’ precise delivery requirements just got easier. Shared truckloads move on efficient routes, getting your freight where it needs to be with minimal delays.

Less damage and loss

By removing the need for trans-loading, FlockDirect™ minimizes handling and reduces damage by 20 times compared to less than truckload.

Bulky freight made easy

Moving bulky freight through the hub-and-spoke system is challenging, which is why many shippers avoid it. We made FlockDirect to efficiently move partials minus the hub-and-spoke network.

Why is shared truckload better?

With FlockDirect, your freight moves via shared truckload, which minimizes delays and maximizes on-time delivery. Plus, our dedication to transparency means we’ll never surprise you with hidden accessorial fees.


No sneaky fees

With shared truckload, you’ll never see changes to your rates because of LTL corrections. That means you don’t need to worry about class designation or cube of goods. Book FlockDirect for invoices that match your freight quotes.


Real-time tracking info

Because STL shipments travel via TL carriers, shippers gain access to specific, real-time tracking updates.


Carbon neutral shipping

When you ship FlockDirect, our low-emission mode, we offset the transportation’s environmental impact at no extra cost to you.

Up to 40%
Cost savings compared to TL
With STL, you pay only for the space you use, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.
Damage rate
Keep delays and costs at bay with a damage rate comparable to that of TL.
Carbon neutral
With our shared truckload service, FlockDirect, your freight moves carbon neutral at no additional cost to you.

“In December [2020], FlockDirect’s on-time percentage was 97%, compared to that of LTL, which was only 83%.”

Tyler Wright
Waiākea Water

“We’ve dealt with many LTL costs. Whether we’re hit with accessorials or hidden fees, LTL has created headache after headache for us … Flock Freight found us at the right time and place. As we did more research, the company’s shared truckload service seemed to have an answer to many of the issues we were facing. ”

Todd Birman
Berlin Packaging

“We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect. Wish we could’ve started sooner.”

Eric Wollasten
Titan Supply Group

Discover the FlockDirect difference.

See why shared truckload’s cost-efficiency and hubless transit will transform your shipping operation for the better.

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