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Easy tech for faster, cheaper shipping.

Book the best mode for your load in minutes—for up to 20% cheaper.

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Instantly quote shipments online using our self-service platform—without speaking to a representative. For tendering at scale, Flock offers both API and EDI TMS integrations.

Choose your best option.

Don’t get stuck paying for truckloads due to LTL size restrictions. Pick between standard services, or upgrade to FlockDirect® for premium, terminal-free shared truckloads.

Deliver on time more often.

Track your shipments in real time along direct, hubless routes—while delivering on time 30% more often than standard LTL.

Why ship with Flock Freight?

Our patented software pools freight in the most efficient way possible.


Track in real time.

Make empowered business decisions by logging into our platform to know your freight’s exact whereabouts and delivery dates.


Integrate our tech seamlessly.

The Flock platform easily integrates with your transportation management system (TMS) via API or EDI to streamline your workflows.


Connect with reliable carriers.

Match with top quality carriers that adhere to your highest standards.

Deliver faster & earn more—all from the Flock platform.

FlockDirect rates in Flock Platform

Customer testimonials.

“Having the ability to go into the Flock Platform, enter the specifics for each shipment (pallet dimensions, due dates, etc.) and get a quick quote back has been one of the best parts of working with Flock Freight.”

Cleo Stevenson
Logistics Coordinator at Greenshield Organic

“With LTL, no one can tell you where your shipment is. We’d send early and pray they’d arrive on time. Flock’s real-time tracking takes the guessing out of shipping.”

Tyler Wright
Director, Warehousing & Logistics at Waiākea Water

“How do you want to represent your first load to a new customer? You don’t damage it. We eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect™. Wish we started sooner.”

Eric Wollasten
Supply Group Traffic Manager at Titan

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Use our step-by-step guide to book shipments through the Flock platform.

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