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Technology that helps carriers earn 20% more

You need more than a load board to keep your trucks filled.

Meet the better load board alternative you deserve

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Find high-paying, risk-free shared truckloads.

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Get custom load matches in your inbox daily.

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Score early access to loads with easy online booking.

Book loads instantly.

Bid and negotiate rates your way.

Get lightning-fast replies from our support team.

Booking is as easy as 1-2-3

Start Booking


Browse our better load board alternative to find matching loads.


Select a load with the Book Now option.


Enter confirmation details and ready, set, haul!

Easily negotiate rates by bidding online

Start Bidding

Book the loads you want

Find and bid on risk-free shared truckloads that are backed by our rate guarantee.

Get a response fast

When you submit a bid, you receive a notification immediately. We won’t leave you hanging.

Score priority access

Using the platform to bid gives you priority access to loads. It’s the fastest way to fill your truck.

The power to grow your business is at your fingertips

A close up view of the Flock Freight technology.

Bidding on loads is easier than ever

A step-by-step guide to bidding in the Flock Platform.

Need more support?

From questions around sign-up to payment, we’re here to help!