FlockDirect® Shared truckload

FlockDirect®: the new way to ship terminal-free.

Don’t sacrifice service for savings. With FlockDirect®, enjoy truckload-level service and reliability — all while saving costs and eliminating terminals.

Simplify your shipping without compromising

Deliver faster and 99.8% damage-free — while paying up to 20% less than a full truckload. FlockDirect® uses our patented technology to combine multiple shipments into a Shared Truckload, and moves it on the most efficient route.

Our frictionless platform and API/EDI integrations with major TMS partners make accessing FlockDirect® seamless.

Get reliable service, every time.

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Choose freight’s most sustainable option.

As a certified B Corp, we make sustainability an easy choice with enormous impact. Effortlessly reduce your CO2e emissions by up to 40% every time you choose FlockDirect® Shared Truckload over traditional methods.

By shipping FlockDirect®, F&B companies like…


Saw 100% damage-free rate.

$500 K

Saved over $500k in total shipping costs.

$230 K

Saved $230k in total shipping costs.


Received 97% on-time delivery rate, while also reducing their damage and waste.


What is Shared Truckload (STL)?

Shared Truckload (STL) is a freight shipping solution where multiple shippers share space in a single truck. It offers cost savings by dividing transportation expenses among customers while providing faster transit times compared to traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) options.

What is FlockDirect®?

FlockDirect® is the name of our Shared Truckload (STL) service. Flock Freight is the only provider in the industry offering shared truckload—saving you money by sharing space on hubless routes with our premium FlockDirect® service for less damage, less fees, and more predictable deliveries. Drive up profit while driving down effort.

What is the difference between STL and LTL?

Shared Truckload (STL) combines multiple shipments from different businesses onto a single truck. Unlike LTL, STL shipments do not leave a truck during transit, eliminating damage, delays, theft and slashing carbon emissions by up to 40%.

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