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Why does Flock Freight give me multiple freight quotes on each shipment?

Flock Freight gives you two options for shipping your freight: FlockDirect and Standard LTL. Each shipping method comes with different costs, transit times, and perks (such as insurance at no-added cost). Here’s a breakdown of your options:

  • FlockDirect: FlockDirect is our carbon neutral shared truckload (STL) shipping option. Flock Freight is the only logistics provider able to guarantee STL shipping at the point of sale. Perks include hubless transit, no LTL accessorial fees, zero carbon footprint, up to $100,000 insurance coverage, and more!
  • Standard LTL: This is our basic LTL shipping offering. We include all the perks of shipping with Flock Freight, such as pre-made freight documentation (BOL, POD, Invoice) and access to our outstanding customer support teams. Shipments that move LTL will typically travel through the hub-and-spoke network.

We offer truckload shipping as well — and we discount contracted rates when freight doesn't fill a whole trailer. Learn more about discounted TL shipping at our Instant Prebate page!

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