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Integrate your TMS with Flock.

Flock’s platform integrates natively with your transportation management system (TMS) via API or EDI, so you get instant access to our unmatched FlockDirect® rates directly where you work — saving you hours on workflow inefficiencies and thousands on shipping costs.

Types of integrations Flock offers.

In addition to offering many native TMS integrations, we have EDI and API capabilities for most major TMS’ and custom systems.

Native TMS integration.

Simplify and expedite a seamless integration by leveraging our pre-established connections with top TMS providers, including:

  • Oracle Transportation Management (New)
  • FreightPOP (New)
  • 7L Freight
  • Ship Primus
  • Lima Technologies
  • SAAS Transportation, Inc
  • Logistically
  • e2open (BluJay)
  • Banyan Technology
  • Kuebix

API and EDI.

Not seeing your TMS? Connect to Flock via Application Programming Interface (API) or automatically exchange load and tracking information with Flock via an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In regards to EDI, we support:

  • Connection types.
  • SFTP
  • FTP
  • AS2
  • Document types.
  • 204: Load tenders
  • 210: Invoicing
  • 211: Bill of lading
  • 214: Tracking updates
  • 990: Accept/reject
  • 997: Acknowledgment
  • Project44 integrated apps.

Access Flock via your 3PL – no custom connection required.We easily connect with:

  • 3GTMS
  • 3PL Systems
  • 3T
  • Aljex
  • Alpega
  • Amber Road by e2open
  • Best Transport
  • BluJay
  • Carrier Logistics Inc.
  • Cloud Logistics by e2open
  • Elemica
  • Emerge TMS
  • Everoad
  • Eyefreight
  • Freight Bridge
  • FreightFlow
  • Full Circle TMS
  • Gelnius
  • Globis
  • Infosite Tech
  • Integration Point
  • Logicor
  • LogicBlox
  • Logistically
  • Manhattan
  • MercuryGate
  • McLeod
  • MyFreightWorld
  • Neurored
  • Next Generation Logistics, Inc.
  • Pier Bridge
  • Princeton TMXFreightSolutions
  • ProcessWeaver
  • Propel
  • QuantumEdge
  • Revenova
  • Rose Rocket
  • Savi
  • Shipwell
  • Supply Pike
  • TMW Suite
  • Total Logistics, Inc.
  • Transship
  • Trans-Soft, Inc.
  • Tranzact Technologie
  • Trax
  • TruckMate
  • Turvo

How to integrate with Flock.

Our dedicated team of integration experts will provide close support throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth, hassle-free implementation that meets your unique business needs.Typical integrations take a few weeks to configure and deploy.

Add Flock as a carrier on your TMS.

Connect Flock to your TMS in a few simple steps:

  1. Initial call: Book a call with a Flock team member, or if a current customer, talk to your account manager.
  2. Kick-off meeting: Our teams meet to gather requirements and understand how you provide freight details..
  3. Implementation: Our technical team assures a reliable API/EDI connection with thorough testing to validate functionality.
  4. Set up complete: You’re ready to see rates, place orders, and track shipments directly in your own system.

Set up Flock on Oracle.

Conveniently integrate Flock with Oracle in just a few simple steps:

  1. Connect: Share your technical contact, and we'll reach out to gather requirements.
  2. Setup: We’ll work with your technical contact to establish connection, authentication, and rating API configuration.
  3. Validate: We will test API connection and functionality.
  4. Launch: Go live.

Set up Flock on e2open (BluJay).

As a pre-existing customer of e2open (BluJay), you simply need to:

  1. Submit a ticket with e2open (BluJay) to add Flock Freight as a carrier partner.
  2. Notify your Flock representative of your action so we can enable a smooth connection.

From there, it only takes a few minutes to get set up and begin receiving our real-time rates in the Carrier Shop. Use SCAC code: FLOK.

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