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How do I track my order?

Easily monitor your shipments, from order confirmation all the way to delivery in Flock’s platform.

Track your order.

Monitor your shipment from order confirmation all the way to delivery.To see the status of your order:

  1. Log in to the Flock platform. If you’re not registered, visit the account sign-up page to have a sales representative  open an account for you.
  2. Go to the Active Shipments page.
  3. Click on the shipment you’re wanting to track, or enter the PO or reference number in the search bar.

TIP: Want faster, more reliable deliveries? Book shared truckload (STL) via Flock’s tech-driven shipping service FlockDirect®, which eliminates transloading and optimizes routes for a more efficient, fast, and sustainable way to ship.

Share tracking information with your receiver.

When you book a shipment in the Flock platform, there are two ways to share tracking details with your recipient. Share During Booking.

  1. While booking, enter the receiver’s email address.
  2. Your receiver gets an email notification once your shipment is picked up.
  3. In the email, your receiver will click the View and Track Shipment button to navigate to the receiver tracking page, where they’ll see limited, read-only shipment details and tracking information.
  4. The receiver can continue to check this link throughout the shipment’s journey for delivery status updates.

Share After Booking.
  1. Go to Active Shipments.
  2. Click on the shipment you want to track.
  3. Click the Share tracking button.
  4. Copy the tracking link and send it to the person who needs to track the shipment.

Understand your tracking status.

Learn the meaning of all status updates.

  • Ordered: Confirmation that you have placed your order and agreed that Flock will move your shipment
  • Dispatched: A Carrier has agreed to move your shipment and dispatched a truck to your pick-up location
  • At Pickup: Your shipment is at the pickup location waiting to be loaded and taken to its destination
  • Picked Up: Your shipment has been successfully picked up from the designated location
  • In Transit: Indicates the last known location of your shipment (city and state), allowing you to track its progress from pick-up to delivery
  • At Delivery: The carrier has arrived at the delivery location.
  • Delivered: The carrier has reached the final destination, and your shipment was successfully unloaded

Log in to Flock now to track your shipments.

Download proof of delivery (POD) documents.

To download your PODs for your shipments at any time, without the help of a rep:

  1. Go to the Order, Active Shipments, or Quote History page.
  2. Click the Download POD button.

TIP: We’ll send you an email when your POD is ready. To get these emails, subscribe to Order Status emails in Settings.

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