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Carrier Platform Updates To Expedite Dispatch & Oversee Fleet Performance

8 March 2023


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In February’s Carrier Platform update, we said goodbye to infinite scrolling, deadhead backhauls, and annoying check calls by introducing:

  • instant alerts on preferred loads
  • recommended Reloads to refill your truck
  • 100% online dispatching

Since then, we’ve been working hard to bring you even more features that keep your trucks moving and your fleet earning. 

Our latest Carrier Platform update includes: 

  • new fleet management capabilities
  • a refresh to carrier scorecards

Add Driver from Flock Platform


Fleet management: save drivers & equipment to quickly assign at dispatch.

Managing your fleet just got way faster. Gone are the days spent wasting time manually (and repetitively) entering fleet information for every load during dispatch. 

Get time back in your day and drastically reduce friction during dispatch by only adding your fleet information once. Simply save it in the platform in your fleet database now for faster, easier dispatch later.

How it works:

  1. Go to Carrier Settings
  2. Enter each driver, piece of equipment, truck, and trailer once
  3. Save the information to your fleet database
  4. At dispatch, quickly assign saved drivers and equipment
  5. Easily manage your fleet information by adding, editing, and deleting drivers, trucks, and trailers at any time

Assign Driver in Flock Platform


Carrier scorecards: get richer fleet performance insights. 

We recently announced that some loads require minimum carrier scores to Book Now.

This month, we refreshed carrier scorecards, so you can easily oversee your fleet performance—and get on the path to booking those better, higher-paying loads.

The updates include:

All-time scores.

View your full history with Flock in addition to the past 90 days. Only your trailing 90 day score counts toward minimum service requirements on loads.

On-time performance calculated to the minute.

See your bounce rates and on-time pick and delivery rates to know how frequently you provide shippers with excellent service.

Automatic shipment tracking rates.

See how often you provide automatic tracking updates, which reduce check calls and keep customers informed.

Self-serve volume.

View how frequently you book freight in the platform.

Carrier Scorecard

Ready to see where you’re at? View your scores: 

  • under ‘Carrier Settings
  • on loads where certain score standards are needed to ‘Book Now’


Why haul with Flock Freight?

Stop wasting time scrolling through irrelevant freight. Unlike traditional load boards, Flock’s platform provides a personalized experience—learning the freight you want to serve you curated recommendations.

Plus, by finding freight to fill the empty space on your trucks, Flock’s patented shared truckload pooling technology maximizes your trailer utilization to earn you up to 20% more than full truckloads. 

As the only platform that offers shared truckloads in addition to all of the traditional modes, Flock is your one-stop-shop for higher-earning loads.