Carriers often look at the BOL provided at pickup to verify the information is correct. They verify this information by weighing, measuring, or reclassing a shipment after it’s picked up. If they find any discrepancies between the BOL and the carrier inspection, you will be billed for additional charges.  

This is why it’s crucial to use correct information when submitting a quote through the Flock Freight app.

If you feel that you’ve been incorrectly billed for an additional charge, please compile the following information before filing a dispute through our Disputes Form.

In order to file a successful dispute for a difference in shipment weight/dimensions, you must provide a clear and concise argument with supporting documents.  

  1. Copy of the original purchase order/packing slip/invoice matching the weight and dimensions which are listed on the BOL
  2. Photos of the shipment prior to shipping (if available)
  3. Product spec sheet/product catalog/product website with:
    • Pictures
    • Dimensions
    • Weight

The product spec sheet/catalog must contain all items listed on the packing slip. After obtaining these documents, be sure to notate the specific items shipped.

Please make sure to use supporting documents that apply to your dispute. Flock Freight will use the information you provided to dispute the additional fees with the carrier on your behalf.