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How do I get a freight quote in the Flock Platform?

Flock enables you to quickly access the best quotes for your loads. Learn more about the two ways to get a freight quote in Flock’s platform. 

What you’ll need:

  • Flock Freight account 
  • understanding of Flock’s shipping options 

Flock Freight account.

If you’re already registered, log in to the Flock Platform. If not, book a call with a sales representative to have them open an account for you. 

Flock allows you to integrate your own transportation management system (TMS) via API and EDI integrations:

  • Rating API enables you to get instant rates in your own TMS
  • EDI connections enable load tendering, tracking, and invoicing 

Learn more about our integrations here

Flock’s shipping options.

When you request a freight quote, Flock gives you multiple shipping options. Understanding the difference between options will help you select the best freight quote. 


  • FlockDirect®: Flock Freight’s tech-driven freight shipping offering that utilizes shared truckloads (STL) to pool available shipments — saving shippers up to 20% and optimizing routes to reduce CO2e emissions by up to 40%. While ideal for freight in the 10-40 linear feet range (4-20 standard size pallets), FlockDirect is available for any shipment size.
  • Standard: Selecting ‘Standard’ means we’ll move your freight using the mode best suited to its size and weight specifications. 
    • Less than truckload (LTL) is ideal for shipments that won’t fill an entire truck (between one to six pallets or less than 10 linear feet), aren’t subject to timely delivery appointments, and aren’t fragile. When you book standard LTL with Flock, there’s always the opportunity that you’ll receive a free upgrade to our terminal-free FlockDirect® service. 
    • Volume less than truckload (VLTL) is ideal for loads that are 10-28 linear feet and serviced by LTL carriers. Similarly, partial truckload (PTL) or shipping consolidation combines multiple shipments into one full truckload. 
  • Full Truckload or truckload (TL): Because TL reserves an entire trailer for your shipment, it is ideal for loads that are more than 40 linear feet.

Request an instant quote.

Flock’s platform gives two options to get a quote:

  • Quick: fill in all the details on a single page 
  • Guided: build your quote one step at a time with help along the way

Start a new quote.

Once you’ve logged in:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Request Quote’ page.
  2. Enter your pickup date and pickup & delivery location information.
  3. Enter your shipment item details.
  4. For varying packaging types or pallet dimensions, click ‘Add Shipment Item’ and repeat the process above.
  5. Select needed additional services.
  6. Choose the allowed vehicle types.
  7. Add the number of load bars or straps if needed, or leave blank.
  8. Select your pickup and delivery services.
  9. Add or decline additional insurance.
  10. Click ‘Generate my quote’ to instantly see rates.

Request a quote now. 

If you don’t have a Flock account, book a call with a sales representative to have them open one account for you. 

Copy a previous quote to avoid manually re-entering information.
Start a new quote faster by copying information from a past quote. Simply:

  1. Visit the homepage to see your most relevant quotes.
  2. Click the ‘copy’ icon on the right-hand side of a recent quote to automatically add its shipment details to your new quote.


Watch: Shipping with Flock’s Platform

Shipping with Flock’s Platform from Flock Freight on Vimeo.

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