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When is FlockDirect the right option for your partial and volume LTL freight? [Infographic]

05.20.2021 | By AJ Todd | 1 min. read

How to make the best decision when shipping volume LTL and partials

Tired of tiptoeing around subjective linear-foot caps when moving your volume LTL freight?

Need to deliver your partials by a strict deadline, and consolidators just aren’t doing the trick?

Hate wasting time trying to find the right delivery option for your midsize freight? 

If this sounds like you, then you might want to look into alternative methods for shipping your partial and volume LTL freight

The fact is, shippers that need to move 10-plus linear feet of freight face a plethora of challenges.

First, we’ve seen that LTL carriers are slowly tightening linear-foot caps on freight shipments, and are increasing rates when loads fall outside of their ideal linear-foot range. The result? Shippers find themselves stuck between overpaying for the same LTL service they used to receive, or scrambling to locate more accommodating transit options when it’s time to move their volume LTL or partial freight.

Ultimately, the options for midsize shipments aren’t great. Shippers can pay inflated volume LTL rates, move partials through the consolidator network (but risk delayed transit times), or even overpay on a full truck that freight can’t fill. None of these options are ideal for moving loads between 8-44 linear feet. 

The solution: FlockDirect™️. Our guaranteed shared truckload service gives shippers the perfect solution for midsize shipments by removing the need for subjective linear-foot caps, eliminating the risk of damage, and moving shipments faster than the LTL or consolidator networks.

Try our flowchart below to find out when partials, volume LTL, or FlockDirect is the best solution for your midsize freight.

See what it’s like to work with Flock Freight — we give your partial freight our full attention.