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Weighing Your Options: Finding the Right Warehouse Scale

12.18.2017 | By Todd LaFond | 3 min. read

Which weight scale is the best fit for your warehouse? Though it may seem like one scale must be very much like the rest, there are some significant differences worth noting. Keep reading to learn about five different types of freight scales.

To decide on the best scale, you need to consider what you’re weighing, the scale’s capacity, your warehouse environment, and any other specific needs you may have. By learning what your options are and understanding the differences, you can make an informed decision and a sound investment.

  1. Pallet Truck Scale Best for small warehouses and relatively small loads. source A pallet truck scale is exactly what it sounds like – a pallet truck and scale in one. When you’re not using it to weigh items, you can use it to move them around, making this scale a great option for smaller warehouses. Some models have a printer installed on the handle. If you opt for a pallet truck scale, be prepared to set up charging stations, as it operates using a rechargeable battery.
  2. Platform Scale Best for industrial spaces with plenty of space and varied shipment shapes and sizes. source When compared to pallet truck scales, a platform scale offers more flexibility with a higher capacity and better accuracy. These are intended for use in an industrial facility, and have larger bases, which make it easy to weigh a wide range of items. However, the heavy platform can be tough to move, so it should be installed in one location. Annual service will help keep it accurate.
  3. Weigh Beam Scale Best for smaller spaces and varied freight that requires high accuracy. source When you need to combine mobility with accuracy, weigh beams are a great option. They’re handy when you need to weigh different-sized pallets, as the beams can be positioned independently to the load. With this type of scale, regular movement makes a service contract a necessity.
  4. U Frame Scale Best for smaller warehouses that require a portable scale option. source A portable U frame pallet scale can be hauled around using wheels and handles. These work well in limited space and are easier to move than weigh beams, as they are a single cohesive unit. They are also more stable for weighing because they’re solidly connected.
  5. Drive-Thru Scale Best for large facilities with heavy, difficult-to-move freight. source These typically have a lower capacity when compared to platform scales. Fitted with ramps, these scales are easy to load. They’re best situated in a fixed location with sufficient clearance to load and unload the scale.

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