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Using Technology to Attract Warehouse Workers: A How-To Guide

11.09.2017 | By Chris Pickett | 3 min. read

Want to attract younger workers to your warehouse? Keep reading to learn how you can use technology to appeal, recruit, and provide a satisfying work environment for millennials and recent graduates.

Benefits of a Diverse Workforce

The 2016 MHI Annual Industry Report estimates that 58% of supply chain staffing managers face significant challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining skilled employees. In addition to hiring challenges, a lack of employee engagement is making a tough situation even worse. Unengaged workers are not as committed, and many end up leaving as soon as another opportunity presents itself. So how do you avoid this issue?

How to Appeal to Younger Workers

Rather than simply hiring the next warm body that comes through the door, it’s smart to focus on engaging the next generation of workers. Many valuable potential employees are just a few years into building a career or are just finishing college and entering the workforce. To attract millennial and generation Z warehouse workers, you’ll need to peak their interest in technology and creative problem-solving.

Promote Your Technology

Warehouses have an image problem. Many workers see them as dull, drab places where workers scurry around to find each product for an order. Images of clipboards and dusty shelves permeate this perception.

But today’s warehouses are beginning to digitize by adding technology to help streamline logistics. Millennials and Generation Z candidates thrive on technology. Highlighting any forward-thinking digital warehouse tools you use in job descriptions will help you attract a younger workforce.

For example:

  • wearable technology allows tracking of employees throughout the warehouse
  • analytics programs help determine better layouts to save steps and improve pick rates
  • SMS services allow workers to communicate inventory issues and ask questions quickly and easily
  • drones can be used to check high shelves for stock to help determine whether a forklift will be needed

Make an effort to describe your workplace as innovative and primed for growth in order to excite eager young candidates.

Before you publish your next job post, make an effort to cater it to the workforce you want to attract. Doing so can pay off big time by helping you bring in motivated workers who will diversify the strengths of your staff.

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