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How to Pick the Perfect E-Commerce Packaging

02.09.2018 | By Justin Turner | 2 min. read

When you run an e-commerce site, customer experience is critical. One tool to take your brand’s customer experience from mundane to exceptional is the right product packaging. Think of your packaging as an important means of communication; communicate the wrong message, and your e-commerce business will suffer. Here are five tips to help ensure your product packaging will delight and resonate with your customers.

1.) Ensure it travels well.

A primary goal that product packaging must always meet is to protect the product. You may have the most visually pleasing packaging in the world, but it won’t earn any points with your customers if the product arrives damaged or broken. At the same time, design matters. If the product package will be displayed on your site, you’ll need to combine that strength and protection with a beautiful appearance.

2.) Ensure the material fits the product.

If your product needs protection, a corrugated package may fit the bill. But, if it’s a premium product, corrugated cardboard may cheapen the overall first impression you make on the customer. You wouldn’t ship a diamond engagement ring in simple bubble wrap. Consider what’s right for the overall feel and experience of your product when it first reaches the hands of your customer. In the initial moments, how do you want them to feel?

3.) Consider size.

If you offer a range of quantities or sizes for your product, you may be able to combine several sizes into a single package design. However, don’t tie yourself to a single design for more than a couple of sizes. Variety is best. And, remember that bigger is not necessarily better. Studies have shown that customers often prefer a smaller quantity of a premium product compared to a bulk size of a generic product.

4.) Know your customer.

To a certain extent, you’ll need to meet your customers where they are by designing packaging that fulfills their expectations. Are they expecting luxury packaging for a premium product? Natural or biodegradable materials for an earth-friendly product? Take those expectations into account when designing your package and shipping it to the customer. It’s okay to surprise and delight them, as long as basic expectations are met.

5.) Make it easy to handle.

How will your customers open and work with your packaging? If it’s hard to open or difficult to figure out, that can frustrate or even anger customers. And, frustration isn’t the initial emotion you’re going for. Don’t be afraid to be novel in your packaging approach, but make sure it’s still easy to access the product. Again, make that first contact with your product simple, stress-free, and pleasing.

By developing the perfect packaging, you’ll be ensuring that your product is protected, arrives safely into your customer’s hands, and achieves the reaction you want for your brand. Take the time to study your options and plan the customer experience that works.

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