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Global Supply Chain Guide

05.12.2020 | By Todd LaFond | 1 min. read

Before the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down, companies with global supply chains were decreasing manufacturing and shipping times with just-in-time production. Globalization was operating at full steam and businesses were sourcing supplies from all over the world.

When coronavirus hit, business shutdowns and international travel restrictions disrupted supply chains. Now, the businesses that are open are fighting tooth and nail to keep supply chains intact. To survive, they must optimize for the current environment and mitigate significant risks. “How to build a pandemic-proof global supply chain” offers insights for navigating this new landscape.

This white paper also provides information about different business models, including insourcing, outsourcing, multi-sourcing, offshoring, and nearshoring. And since no discussion about supply chains would be complete without mention of China, “How to build a pandemic-proof global supply chain” devotes a whole section to this topic alone. Still, the most valuable material may be the suggestions for securing offshore supply lines. Download this white paper to learn how to build resilient supply chains that can weather any storm.

Learn how businesses can mitigate risk as they navigate logistics on an international scale with our Global Supply Chain Guide.