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Flock Freight COVID-19 FAQs

04.06.2020 | By Oren Zaslansky | 3 min. read

Curious if coronavirus is affecting your Flock Freight shipments?

We want to share what you can expect from us during these unpredictable times. Read these frequently asked questions for information about our current work processes and how we’re supporting shippers and carriers.


1. Will Flock Freight remain open?

Yes, not only are we operating during normal business hours, we’re working ‘round the clock to move freight as quickly as possible.

As a company that facilitates the delivery of essential items (including food, medical supplies, and other consumer goods), we’re hustling to keep supply chains intact. Our noble purpose of shipping goods efficiently has never been more meaningful.

2. How have shelter-in-place procedures impacted Flock Freight’s business activities?

To encourage social distancing and comply with government regulations, we started working from home exclusively on March 16, 2020. In terms of day-to-day activity, not much has changed. We miss being in the office with our team, but we’ve all been able to work remotely.

As government restrictions loosen, we’re letting employees come back to the office. Those that do are taking a number of safety measures, like checking their temperatures every day, using desk shields, following social distancing protocols, and more. We’re not asking anyone who prefers to self-quarantine to return right now.

We want to shout out the carriers in our network, who have been going the extra mile to help our communities in the midst of COVID-19. Thank you for your dedication!

3. What policies does Flock Freight have surrounding coronavirus?

We’re opening our physical offices in a controlled manner to give employees the option to work from their desks. We’re encouraging team members who feel more comfortable sheltering in place to work from home.

We also established time-off policies for staff members who have been immediately impacted by the virus. We’ll continue to update our procedures as authorities issue guidance.

4. Does Flock Freight have any educational resources for shippers and carriers?

Check out the COVID-19 category of our blog, which features articles like “How will coronavirus affect supply chains in the long run?” and “Coronavirus is impacting the trucking industry.”

For shippers

1. Are carriers still working?

We have over 11,000 active carriers in our network and are always engaged with them to find the best carrier for each specific route.

2. How does Flock Freight treat relief loads?

We treat all active loads with detailed care. Instead of moving freight in the damage-prone LTL hub-and-spoke system, we ship loads hubless (without terminal stops), which minimizes handling and eliminates virtually all risk of damage.

3. What’s the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s definition of a relief load?

Medical supplies, food, water, and household goods, among other items, qualify as relief items in the context of COVID-19. Check the FMCSA site for official guidance.

4. Is Flock Freight still offering the FlockDirect guarantee?

Due to the volatility of current market conditions and guidance from local and national authorities, Flock Freight® cannot offer the FlockDirect™️ 100% money-back guarantee for on-time delivery at this time.

What does this mean for you? If you ordered a FlockDirect shipment on or before March 16, 2020, we’ll still honor the on-time financial guarantee.

Our goal of expediting as many shipments as we can hasn’t changed. When you order FlockDirect, you’ll continue to receive the same, reliable shared truckload service you depend on.

Keep an eye out for more information from Flock Freight regarding this policy.

For carriers

1. What safety measures can carriers and truck drivers take?

In addition to adhering to the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, carriers should consider taking the following actions to reduce their risk of catching COVID-19:

  • Limit how often they exit the cabin during pickups and deliveries.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Sanitize hands and nearby objects often.

2. How is Flock Freight supporting truck drivers during this time?

As we’ve worked with carriers, dispatchers, and drivers, we’ve been hearing how tough it is on the road right now. We realize truck drivers are facing a great many obstacles — including extended time away from their loved ones and limited access to roadside comforts — that are making their jobs more difficult during a trying time when they’ve never been more important to the supply chain.

To make their lives a little easier, Flock Freight is delivering hot meals to drivers and their loved ones as part of our new Driver Care program.

Deliver mission-critical freight as quickly as possible. Ship your essential goods with FlockDirect today.