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5 Proven Ways to Increase Fleet Fuel Efficiency

01.15.2018 | By Kevin McMaster | 2 min. read

One of the most significant shipping expenses is fleet fuel, and when orders increase, so does fuel consumption. Use these proven methods to increase fuel efficiency and save money.

1.) Do Preventive Maintenance

The fact is, trucks that are in poor shape use more fuel. That’s why it’s worth the effort to create a maintenance schedule that helps you keep your fleet in the best condition possible. Your goal should be to regularly perform preventive maintenance and quickly detect and repair any issues that come up. Maintenance tasks that increase fleet fuel efficiency include cleaning air filters, aligning tires, tuning up the engine, and using oil that provides energy-conserving properties.

2.) Select Better Route Options

Shippers often get into the habit of using the same delivery routes, even when new roads open up that offer a faster way to reach a destination. That’s why it’s a good idea to make a habit of continually reviewing maps and modifying routes. Try to avoid lights and congestion in order to save money on fuel wasted when trucks are idle or sit in stop-and-go traffic.

3.) Create a Fuel Management Plan

Without planning, it can be difficult to control how much drivers spend when they fill up on long-haul trips. But with a fuel management plan that includes fleet payment cards, you can monitor purchases, limit what type of fuel can be charged, and decline unauthorized charges. Putting a system in place that automates what is and isn’t approved will simplify fuel cost management and increase efficiency.

4.) Review Fuel Exception Reports

Fuel exception reports allow you to monitor all fleet driver purchases. By comparing these reports with truck MPG logs, you can determine whether drivers are purchasing the correct amount of gas and if they’re filling up at reasonable intervals. If you spot suspicious activity, do some digging to make sure your long haul drivers aren’t using a company card to purchase and store gas for later use.

5.) Maintain Correct Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires cause 15% percent more tread wear and cause trucks to use up to 10% more fuel. Tire gauges are inexpensive tools that can save you money, both in fuel and replacement tire costs. Have drivers check pressure on a regular schedule during long hauls to keep the tires at the manufacturer’s recommended PSI levels.

Keep your truckers up-to-date on the best practices listed above to get them involved in reducing fuel waste! These suggestions, when implemented consistently, will help you increase fuel efficiency across your entire fleet.

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