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5 Pieces of Equipment Perfect for Small Warehouses

12.10.2017 | By Todd LaFond | 2 min. read

Warehouses are swamped with activity: workers picking orders, moving product, unloading shipments, and packaging deliveries. It’s no surprise that small warehouses can quickly become cramped, making it difficult for workers to complete tasks efficiently. If you’ve got a small warehouse, check out these five tools that can help you streamline your operations.

  1. Narrow-Aisle Forklifts
    In some warehouses, a standard-size forklift may be too large to fit through cramped aisles. A smaller alternative, such as a rider-stacker truck, is capable of fitting in tight spaces – including those as small as a regular door opening.
  2. Movable Storage Shelves
    During certain times of the year, there may be aisles that see very little activity. To optimize space and make your warehouse more flexible, you can install movable storage shelves that slide along tracks and rails. These racks hold 7,000 to 30,000 pounds of product and can be slid together across the floor. Aisles that will not be in use during certain periods can be eliminated. This widens other aisles where more popular products can be easily accessed.
  3. High-Level Order Pickers
    Horizontal space can be limited in small warehouses. This tool allows you to utilize vertical space by installing higher shelving units. High-level order pickers can lift items up to heights of 11.5 meters (37.72 feet) and can be used to get boxes and cartons down from high shelves without a ladder.
  4. People-Positioner Stool
    In smaller warehouses, every square inch of space counts, which means lots of product lives on lower shelves. This forces workers to continually bend or kneel to pick orders. A people-positioner stool is a seat on casters with two lower round racks that can hold small items. The stool helps prevent knee and back injuries because it allows workers to sit on the stool and wheel themselves down aisles. It’s also an ideal tool for workers who perform maintenance on mechanical warehouse equipment.
  5. Shrink-Wrap Combo Systems
    Once orders are picked, they need to be shrink-wrapped and packed for shipment. A shrink-wrap combo system automates that process, saving time and space. Shrink-wrap combo systems come in tabletop and standalone versions.

Getting the right small warehouse equipment ensures that workers can maintain productivity and consistently meet deadlines. Check out the five pieces of equipment listed above and choose the options that will help you save the most space and streamline your day-to-day warehouse tasks.

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