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5 Effective E-Commerce Promo Ideas

01.26.2018 | By Justin Turner | min. read


Are you an e-commerce business owner looking for ways to attract new customers to your website? Do you want to generate repeat business? Are you searching for ways to achieve continued growth and increase your bottom line? You’re in the right place! Check out this list of five effective e-commerce promo ideas you can incorporate into your marketing plan to keep your company growing at a healthy rate.

  1. Free shipping offers:

    Whether offered site-wide or only on particular products, these offers prevent cart abandonment. Why? Customers aren’t caught off-guard by additional charges at checkout!

    Running a free shipping promotion doesn’t mean you need to eat the cost; you can pad your product prices to accommodate. You can also offer free shipping to customers who reach a certain cart-total threshold. For example, shipping is free on orders of $49 or more.

  2. Percentage sales:

    Everyone loves to save a little money, so it stands to reason that whether you offer a percentage off of a product, category or your entire site, you’ll generate more sales. To highlight just how much the customer is saving, make sure that you include both the original and the sale price with the product description. If you have known competitors who sell the same products, also make sure your prices are attractive in comparison to what they’re offering.

  3. Buy-one-get-X sales:

    By setting up a promotion that allows customers to get items for free or at a reduced cost, you’re encouraging volume sales. Psychologically, this is a great tactic to use as it gets shoppers thinking about how much they’re saving, as opposed to how much they’re spending. This can be a great promotion to use if you need to clear out backstock and move through inventory.

  4. Quantity breaks:

    With quantity breaks, you offer your shoppers the option to purchase items at full retail – or – if they purchase five of an item, they can get it at a reduced price. This type of promotion is great for products like candles, soaps, and staple clothing items that people tend to stock up on.

    Many companies offer this type of promotion on individual items, while others allow customers to “mix and match” items within a category.

  5. Rewards programs:

    You can implement a program that provides customers with rewards after they spend a certain amount of money or do a specific task. With these programs in place, shoppers tend to buy more. But, the real bonus for shoppers is earning rewards, such as cash they can apply to a future purchase. This type of program can serve as a great tool to help you secure long-term repeat business.

Though you can offer sales at any time, consider implementing these strategies over the holidays, around special events, or to help clear stock for new merchandise. If you limit the sales to particular categories, customers will often purchase full-price items at the same time, especially if implemented with a minimum-sale free shipping offer. By using these special offers effectively, you can quickly create organic growth for your business.