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3 Easy Ways to Streamline Your Supply Chain

10.05.2017 | By Chris Pickett | 2 min. read


An efficient supply chain can increase profits, reduce waste, improve customer relationships, and help you expand into new markets. Yet identifying inefficiencies can be a difficult task. Read on to learn three easy ways to streamline your supply chain.

1.) Use Real-Time Data

Having a transparent view of supply chain processes makes it easy to quickly spot and remedy problems. Use a management system to gather real-time data on each step of your supply chain process. Then, compare this data to company and department key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine if you’re meeting established goals. When you identify areas that are lacking, brainstorm ways to streamline processes, increase productivity, and reduce waste to improve KPIs.

2.) Improve Operational Connectivity

Access to analytics, cloud services, and mobile computing is changing how logistics companies manage operations. With so many tools at your disposal, it’s no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) is improving supply chains around the world. But are you taking full advantage? If you’re not sure, it may be time for a technology audit.

Make it your goal to set up a system where all your tools talk to each other. When warehouse, distribution, and accounting management systems can instantly share and access information, it improves productivity across all departments. Everyone in your company can obtain the data they need, when they need it.

3.) Reduce Duplicate Tasks and Data

As you grow, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having duplicate processes. But overcomplicating daily tasks can slow things down and take up too much of your workers’ time. To avoid this, evaluate your operations and look for similar functions that can be consolidated or eliminated.

In addition to having efficient processes, it’s also important to work with clean data. Duplicate data can slow down your networks and make database administration messier than it needs to be. Focus on cleaning up systems to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Not sure where to start? Bring on a database administrator to focus on cleaning up records and simplifying routine data entry and maintenance.

Use these simple steps to identify redundant tasks, inefficient systems, and complex processes. Then, make changes to your day-to-day operations that will help streamline your logistics supply chain.

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