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Why Flock Freight

Shared truckload

Unlock the benefits of full truckload by sharing trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload. We are the only logistics provider that guarantees your freight moves as a shared truckload with FlockDirect.

Technology-enabled service

Technology should make things easier and more cost-effective for your business. Our proprietary algorithms optimize your route, and we have the technical expertise to integrate with your systems.

Carbon neutral

FlockDirect shipments move via shared truckload, skipping the inefficient LTL hub and spoke system and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%. We take the remaining 60% and offset it by supporting projects with Carbonfund.org, making FlockDirect the only carbon neutral shipping option available to shippers at no extra cost. 

Our Difference

Using cloud-based computing technology, we combine multiple shipments that are moving along the same route into one shared truckload. We get your shipment to its destination damage-free and on time, every time.

Get Started
Benefits of Shipping with Flock Freight FlockDirect Truckload LTL
Guaranteed shared truckload service
Only pay for the truck space you need
No damage caused by terminal or hub transfers
Full control over pickup and delivery dates
.001% risk of damage
No hidden LTL accessorial fees

Customer Reviews

Berlin Packaging
Berlin Packaging
Todd Birman, Senior Manager of Domestic Transportation

Flock Freight found us at the right time and place. As we did more research, the company’s shared truckload service seemed to have an answer to many of the issues we were facing. We were also drawn to Flock Freight’s status as a B Corp.

Titan Supply Group
Titan Supply Group
Eric Wollasten, Traffic Manager

We have eliminated our damage claims with FlockDirect. Wish we could’ve started sooner.

LKQ Corporation
LKQ Corporation
Nick Marzano, Logistics Manager

Flock Freight has helped tremendously with our partial loads and has had good communication with us.

Shanae Weeks, Warehouse and Freight Coordinator

The FlockDirect services are great! You pick up on time, and you deliver on time. Plus, Management is happy that we are saving money on freight rates.

Real companies. Real solutions

We put our product to the test, studying how FlockDirect performs across a wide range of industries for companies like yours. Browse our case studies, which highlight some of our meaningful partnerships, to see how Flock Freight’s proven success has helped shippers just like you make a positive impact on their bottom-line supply chain metrics.

In The News

Flock Freight Partners with BluJay Solutions to Offer Non-Contracted FlockDirect® Rates On BluJay’s TMS Platform

Flock Freight’s Shared Truckload Rates Integrated into Leading Cloud-Based Logistics Execution Platform

What the US’ wasted truck space taught me about profitable sustainability

Flock’s CEO discusses the need for better models that turn sustainability from an added expense to a key ingredient for growth

Solving Freight’s Half-Empty Truck Problem Ahead of the Holiday Surge

Oren, Flock’s CEO, explains how pooling freight at scale provides a smarter, more sustainable blueprint for all modes

Steve Burns Solves a New Mystery for Flock Freight: ‘How Much Is a F**kload?’

The brand’s Shared Truckload model offers an opportunity to learn new units of measurement

Flock Freight Joins World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community

The World Economic Forum invited Flock Freight to join the Global Innovators Community

How a Rail Strike Could Wreak Havoc on the American Supply Chain

Flock CEO discusses how a rail strike could impact customer supply chains

Flock Freight Expands C-Suite to Accelerate Growth, Solve Persistent Challenges Throughout the Global Supply Chain

Team appoints Orlando Baeza as CMO, Pat Dillon as CFO, and Justin Turner as CRO

flock freight named position 14 on the cnbc disruptor 50 list
Flock Freight Named to 2022 CNBC Disruptor 50 List for Second Year in a Row

Flock Freight honored for its terminal-free, carbon-neutral shared truckload technology

Flock Freight Named to TIME’s List of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies

Flock Freight named an Innovator for its patented, carbon-neutral shared truckload solution, FlockDirect

Traditional Freight Shipping is Inefficient and Costly

Flock Freight conducted a research study in partnership with Drive Research that found one in two TL shippers are paying for air in underutilized trailers. Read this Food Logistics article to learn about the study and see more notable findings.

FreightWaves text logo
Shared truckload provider Flock Freight reaches unicorn status with Series D

SoftBank Vision Fund 2 led Flock Freight’s $215 million round.

wall street journal text logo
SoftBank-Backed Flock Freight Raises $215 Million

Flock Freight uses AI to pool goods from shippers with less-than-truckload carriers and skip freight hubs. The new funding round values the company at $1.3 billion.

san diego union tribune text logo
A new San Diego unicorn: Flock Freight scores $215M for tech that transforms truck shipments

Flock Freight, an Encinitas trucking logistics firm that aims to revolutionize the way freight moves across the country, has landed another $215 million in venture capital — making it San Diego’s latest startup unicorn.

Flock Freight joins The Climate Pledge

Flock Freight is furthering its mission to reinvent the freight industry by joining more than 100 global companies in taking The Climate Pledge, a commitment to work toward net-zero carbon by 2040.

san diego union tribune text logo
Massive startup beach campus planned for Encinitas

Quickly becoming the largest tech company in Encinitas, Flock Freight is going an unconventional route for office space.

Flock Freight bringing office to Fulton Market, promising 150 jobs

The company said it is hiring engineers and sales staff for the location as it sees growing demand for services that pool shipments and fill trucks to capacity.

Solana Beach loses booming, Google-backed tech startup Flock Freight to Encinitas

Flock Freight, one of San Diego’s hottest tech startups, is moving its headquarters from Solana Beach to Encinitas.

san diego union tribune
Flock Freight pulls in $113 million for software that moves freight better via shared trucks

Flock Freight — a Solana Beach firm whose software pools multiple shipments together into one shared truckload — has raised $113.5 million in a new round of financing, led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2.

Freight-pooling from Flock Freight is the future of shipping

What if you could take 9 million cars off the road, speed up deliveries to e-commerce customers, and save small businesses money? That’s the potential of Flock Freight’s shared truckload “freight-pooling”.

Heavy Duty Trucking, Trucking Info
Logistics Companies Offer ‘Green’ Solutions

Shippers are looking for ways to improve their sustainability, and solutions from third-party logistics providers are increasingly helping them do that — such as carbon neutral shared truckload shipping.

Flock Freight to offset 100% of FlockDirect carbon emissions

Flock Freight’s business model is built on sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the freight industry. The company announced that it will offset 100% of carbon emissions for FlockDirect customers for free in 2021 to achieve carbon neutrality.

Why a Softbank-backed trucking startup is paying to make its customers’ shipments carbon-neutral

Flock Freight, a startup using technology to consolidate truck freight, is following up its $113.5 million Series C round in December with a move to make its hallmark “shared” truckload shipments carbon neutral — at no cost to customers.

Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in digital service for shared truckloads

Volvo Group Venture Capital AB has invested in Flock Freight, a technology company based in Solana Beach, California, that pools shipments to fill unused trailer space.

COVID-19 Puts Supply Tech Under The Spotlight

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved supply chain and logistics technologies to the public eye like few times before, as shortages at grocery stores and the distribution of a possible vaccine highlight the importance of moving goods and essentials.

SoftBank Makes Another Bet on Freight Shipping Technology

The Japanese firm led a $113.5 million investment in Flock Freight, a U.S. software startup that offers a service that uses algorithms to match trucks with freight headed in the same direction.

SoftBank Bets on Logistics Startup at $500 Million Valuation

SoftBank Group Corp.’s Vision Fund 2 is leading a $113.5 million investment round in a California-based startup seeking to change the way goods get trucked around the U.S.

A Progressive Manufacturer Thrives Despite Coronavirus

Flock Freight, it turns out, is a very interesting logistics company that is working to transform the way freight is shipped in a way that benefits carriers and shippers.

Q&A: Flock Freight’s Founder on Reinventing LTL

Oren Zaslansky grew up in the trucking business, started a truckload company at age 21, moved on from there to a brokerage, and then decided he wanted to see how he could use technology to totally reinvent how we think about less-than-truckload freight.

"DCVelocity" is printed on a white background. The term "DC" is printed in white over a red box. The word "Velocity" is written in black.
Pandemic delivery stress drives demand for digital tools

Supply chain software vendors project44, Flock Freight see jumps in users and funding.

He Launched His First Startup With $1,000 And Just Raised $70 Million For His Latest Business

During our interview on the DealMakers podcast, Oren Zaslansky shared his inspiration to go into entrepreneurship, how he managed to bootstrap his first startup, learning to pitch VCs and the future of shipping.

Freight waves logo
Today’s Pickup: Flock Freight reaches 12,000 pooled shipments

Flock Freight, a logistics tech company that enables scaled freight pooling (the process of combining multiple loads onto one truck), today announced it has pooled more than 12,000 total shipments since 2017.

Flock Freight Prioritizes Shipping Essential Goods Via Digital Freight Platform

Flock Freight has pooled more than 12,000 total shipments, a 296% increase in pooled shipments between 2018 and 2019 by prioritizing its work with companies providing essential goods, such as food and medical supplies, and customers that have had to make significant changes to their business models.

News roundup, April 7: Senator wants $25k ‘heroes pay’ for truckers; driver appreciation at S.C. rest areas; free meals

The Flock Freight partial/LTL-consolidating brokerage platform launched a “Driver Care” program in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and in appreciation of risks professional drivers take to keep supply chains running and put food on tables.

Freight waves logo
Flock Freight nets $50M Series B to redefine LTL shipping

Hubless logistics company assembles “algorithmically created carpools” of LTL freight, to be shipped via full truckload.

TechCrunch logo
Improving the logistics of trucking, San Diego’s Flock Freight raises $50 million

“We want to change the way freight moves,” says Oren Zaslansky, the chief executive and founder of Flock Freight.

The words "JOC.com" are written beside a green, spiral logo. "JOC" is printed in all caps in black text while ".com" is in lowercase gray letters.
Flock’s freight matching migrates LTL to truckload

A venture capital-backed freight broker wants to create carpooling opportunities for LTL by using technology instead of physical terminals to aggregate shipments.

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To increase the likelihood of success you must strike a balance of taking big chances.

When defining success as an entrepreneur, it’s a fact that there are no shortcuts to how it can be achieved.

The word "Disruptor" is written in black text over a white background. The line that forms the back of the letter "D" is bent inwards, forming a tip like the point of an arrow. Beside it is the term "Daily", printed in white over a blue box.
I think it’s a combination of trying to apply new technology to legacy supply

Read to hear what Flock Freight CEO Oren Zasklansky has to say about AI adoption in supply chain management.

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What Flock is doing is truly transformative and the opportunity to

We’re excited to welcome Justin Turner to the Flock Freight leadership team as our new Senior Vice President of Sales.

"DCVelocity" is printed on a white background. The term "DC" is printed in white over a red box. The word "Velocity" is written in black.
The LTL shipping industry is ripe for an overhaul with Flock Freight

The single-solution shipping you’ve come to trust with AuptiX has gotten an upgrade. Introducing Flock Freight: the next step in our mission to revolutionize the way companies ship.

A partnership with Flock Freight means a faster, damage-free, and sustainable shipping program. Get started today.