Notification calls prior to pickup or delivery are often considered an additional service, and carriers will charge extra for them. You will receive a charge if you request a call before or after booking.

The notification call charge will be added whether you request the call in the quote, in the special instructions section of the BOL, or after booking the shipment.

Note: If the shipper requests a notification call, the carrier will invoice the party that booked the shipment. If the carrier requires a notification call during delivery due to the location being gated or limited, the carrier can add such charges. The booking party is then financially obligated to cover all costs pertaining to the completion of the shipment.

To dispute a notification call charge, you must prove that the notification was not requested during or after delivery, and you must confirm this information with all parties involved in the shipment before filing a dispute with Flock Freight. Check the delivery receipt to see if a notification charge was signed for or not.

If you feel there is a notification charge that is unjust and needs to be removed, please fill out our Disputes Form and we will work with you and the carrier to get this charge removed.