Need to file a dispute?

We know disputes can be a tough, long process in the freight industry. This is why Flock Freight has one streamlined method to handle all of your dispute related questions.

Types of Additional Charges
(Accessorial Fees)

Below you’ll find a list of additional charge types that may result in a dispute,
and instructions on how to avoid these charges.


Inside Pickup/Delivery

Inside Service refers to any time the driver must maneuver the freight across a threshold via pallet jack, as opposed to simply dropping the freight at the rear of the truck. Learn More.



Carriers often verify the information on your BOL by weighing, measuring, or re-classing a shipment after it’s picked up. Learn More.



Notification calls prior to pickup or delivery are often considered an additional service, and carriers will charge extra for them. Learn More.



A liftgate fee is charged when a carrier is required to use mechanical loading or unloading devices, including hydraulic or electric lifting or lowering devices. Learn More.


Residential or Limited Access Location

A limited access or a residential fee for your pickup/delivery location, is due to the additional services needed to complete your shipment. Learn More.