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See what the world thinks about how Flock Freight is reinventing the freight industry with shared truckload.

In The News

Flock Freight Partners with BluJay Solutions to Offer Non-Contracted FlockDirect® Rates On BluJay’s TMS Platform

Flock Freight’s Shared Truckload Rates Integrated into Leading Cloud-Based Logistics Execution Platform

What the US’ wasted truck space taught me about profitable sustainability

Flock’s CEO discusses the need for better models that turn sustainability from an added expense to a key ingredient for growth

Solving Freight’s Half-Empty Truck Problem Ahead of the Holiday Surge

Oren, Flock’s CEO, explains how pooling freight at scale provides a smarter, more sustainable blueprint for all modes

Steve Burns Solves a New Mystery for Flock Freight: ‘How Much Is a F**kload?’

The brand’s Shared Truckload model offers an opportunity to learn new units of measurement

Flock Freight Joins World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community

The World Economic Forum invited Flock Freight to join the Global Innovators Community

How a Rail Strike Could Wreak Havoc on the American Supply Chain

Flock CEO discusses how a rail strike could impact customer supply chains

Thousands of shippers are moving shared truckload with Flock Freight. Start shipping together, today.