Ship faster while reducing your freight’s carbon footprint

Switch to shared truckload to improve on-time delivery, reduce damage by 100x, and eliminate your freight’s carbon footprint.

The Flock Platform does it all:

Processes 10,000 loads/minute
Signs carriers up in 30 minutes or less
Leverages a carrier network of 60,000
Offers shared truckload, less than truckload, and truckload
Tracks freight 24/7
Services 1,000+ shippers/month


Supply chain professionals benefit from:

  • Reliable on-time service with full control over pickup and delivery dates
  • Significantly less damage
  • Cost savings compared to TL rates
  • Transparent pricing without sneaky accessorial fees
  • 100% carbon neutral transportation


Dispatchers & drivers benefit from:

  • Higher earning potential than comparable one-pick, one-drop truckloads
  • Pickup and delivery appointments coordinated by Flock Freight, which ensure loads are easy to run and fit route schedules
  • Technology-optimized routes that minimize out-of-the-way mileage and maximize trailer space
  • Access to an untapped freight market
  • Dedicated carrier support
The planet benefits from: 100% carbon neutral offsetting

Solutions by
Flock Freight

Why reduce emissions when you could eliminate them altogether?

How a carbon neutral company, Waiākea Water, is dodging obstacles and achieving numerous business objectives with a single freight solution

Dollar Shave Club’s new way to solve old shipping problems

How this booming force in the male grooming industry increased service performance, shipment tracking, and supply chain sustainability with FlockDirect.

A packaging giant’s unstoppable 99% on-time delivery streak

How Berlin Packaging uses shared truckload service to keep this long-standing record running, deliver freight intact, and slash overhead shipping costs

Taking Control with Scheduled Pickup and Delivery

How a specialty food producer uses the precision of FlockDirect to meet delivery deadlines and reduce fees.

Using Precise Logistics to Deliver a Powerful Product to the Masses

How an organic, sustainable cleaning product manufacturer uses the scheduling precision and speed of FlockDirect to meet stringent distribution center requirements.

100+ Shipments, 100% Damage Free

How a flooring importer is eliminating damage, saving time, and taking control over their LTL freight by shipping shared truckload with FlockDirect.

What is shared
truckload? (STL)

Shared truckload (STL) enables several shippers to share trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload. Flock Freight’s patent-pending technology pools shipments at scale and enables our STL service: FlockDirect. The idea of pooling shipments isn’t new, but Flock Freight’s technology is.

A lot of the pools I do are awesome, because you work about the same amount of hours and you increase the amount you make. Three pickups and three drops to fill your truck – you make a lot more.
Scott Thomas, Co-founder of FillStorShip

Your new favorite freight
mode is carbon neutral

Pounds of carbon
emissions eliminated
Passenger car
miles saved
Trash bags recycled
instead of sent to a landfill
Cell phone charges saved



No one does shared truckload like Flock Freight. Experience the difference of FlockDirect for yourself.


Rethink everything you know about multi-stop loads. Move shared truckloads to get the biggest bang for your time and effort.