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Customers who sign up and reach a threshold of 60 total shipments (based on pickup date) for one calendar month will unlock carbon neutrality for all FlockDirect® shipments the following month at no extra cost to the customer. Eligibility is contingent upon having opted into the Frequent Flocker program prior to the end of the calendar month in which the 60-shipment threshold is met. The shipment count will be calculated based on the number of shipments picked up (any mode) within a calendar month and the carbon offsets earned will be applied only to FlockDirect® shipments that are picked up in the following calendar month.

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Frequent Flocker Program:

Flock Freight may revise or terminate the Frequent Flocker program at any time. You may choose to opt out of the program by sending an email to This program is not intended to alter any previous agreement covering carbon credits contained in a separate executed written contract between your company and Flock Freight. Visit this site for more information on how Flock Freight calculates carbon emissions.

For additional questions, check out the program FAQ page.