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Switch to shared truckload to improve on-time delivery, reduce damage by 100x, and eliminate your freight’s carbon footprint.

When you book FlockDirect, your shipment moves via shared truckload with freight of other shippers — on one multi-stop full truckload. Shared truckload has all the benefits of truckload shipping for a fraction of the cost. 

Learn the basics of shared truckload in just two minutes with this video.

An inside look at shared truckload (STL)

Tyler Wright

Waiākea Water Logistics and Operations Manager


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“Working with Flock Freight has been an awesome experience from the start. We have increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions by 28% with FlockDirect.”

Your new favorite freight mode is carbon neutral

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FlockDirect freight moves via shared truckload, skipping the inefficient LTL hub-and-spoke system and reducing greenhouse gas emissions of each shipment by up to 40%. We offset the remaining impact of each FlockDirect shipment by supporting projects in partnership with, which makes FlockDirect the only carbon neutral shipping option available to shippers at no extra cost.