Shared Truckload: One Service for All

When you ship FlockDirect, we move your freight via shared truckload, combining it with several shippers’ freight into one multi-stop truckload. Shared truckload has all the benefits of full truckload for a fraction of the cost.

Shared Truckload

Unlock the benefits of full truckload by sharing trailer space in one multi-stop full truckload. We are the only logistics provider that guarantees your freight moves as a shared truckload with FlockDirect.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Technology should make things easier and more cost-effective for your business. Our proprietary algorithms optimize your route, and we have the technical expertise to integrate with your systems.

Technology-Enabled Service

FlockDirect shipments move via shared truckload, skipping inefficient LTL routes and terminals and eliminating empty truck space. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40% when you select FlockDirect for shared truckload.

We don’t just optimize routes based on drivers’ locations, we optimize the loads themselves, allowing shippers to share trailer space in a single shared truckload.

Freight moves better with a friend. Ship shared truckload.

I have someone who works not just for me, but with me – like an extension of my logistics department.

Gabe Anzaruth, H2rOse Office Manager


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